The first 2 teams to the quarterfinals Champions League revealed

The series of Champions League knockout rounds is gradually over, the first names to win tickets to the Champions League quarterfinals are the big surprise of the tournament.

The first Surprise

Being the away team in Germany battlefield after losing 0-1 in the first leg in Champions League, Tottenham had a relatively good start on the pitch of Leipzig. But when the attacker could not find the goal, their defense fell before the sharp attacks of the home team. Marcel Sabitzer shone with a brace to give Leipzig an advantage.

Prized higher than the opponent, but Jose Mourinho’s Tottenham Hotspur failed completely against an RB Leipzig playing full of excitement and fire. With the total score after 2 matches were 4-0, the representative of Germany stumbled into the Champions League quarterfinals with no boredom of an opponent.

Leader Marcel Sabitzer scored a brace to help Leipzig sink Mourinho's Tottenham at Champions League
Leader Marcel Sabitzer scored a brace to help Leipzig sink Mourinho’s Tottenham at Champions League

Entering the second half, Mourinho’s army played a little better, but it did not create too much pressure on the goal of Leipzig. Is it just a stop ball at the opportunity level.

Even the reigning runner-up had to receive another goal in the 87th minute, with the goal of a player who just came on to replace Forsberg.

Losing 0-3 and stopping with a total score of 0-4, “The Rooster” continued to sink deep into the crisis under Jose Mourinho. The chair of the Portuguese strategist is therefore increasingly shaken.

Spurs have been disqualified.
Spurs have been disqualified.

Another surprise 

Another surprise came from the match between Valencia and Atalanta.

In the match at the same time, after the first leg of destruction in Italy, Atalanta continued to show impressive scoring style in the country of the gaur when he had two goals in the first half on the pitch of Valencia.

After winning 4-1 in the first leg, the Italian team continued to sow the opponent at the bat cave after the rain of goals.

Josip Ilicic scored all 4 goals for Atalanta in the second leg
Josip Ilicic scored all 4 goals for Atalanta in the second leg

Two goals from the visitors were on penalties thanks to Josip Ilicic. Interwoven between a goal of Valencia by Kevin Gameiro.

After the break, the two teams continued to play offensive, creating an attractive tit-for-tat position. The rain of goals continued to appear in the second leg at “Bat Cave”.

After Ferran Torres put Valencia ahead 3-2 in the 67th minute Josip Ilicic continued to shine with the 71st-minute goal.

Not stopping there, Josip Ilicic continued to engulf Valencia and complete his own poker in the 82nd minute.

With a total score after 2 matches is 8-4, Atalanta will certainly be a formidable opponent when owning a fierce attacking play. Notably, midfielder Josip Ilicic scored a poker goal against Valencia in the second leg.

As such, Atalanta and Leipzig are the first clubs to qualify for the Champions League quarterfinals this season. Tomorrow morning (March 12), the next two names will be determined after the two matches between Liverpool vs Atletico Madrid and PSG vs Dortmund finish.

Atalanta deserves to go forward to Champions League quarterfinals.
Atalanta deserves to go forward to Champions Leaguequarterfinals.

This is also the first time RB Leipzig and Atalanta advance to the Champions League quarterfinals. This achievement is a reward for the efforts of the two underrated teams but shows great fighting spirit and courage.

The remaining 6 pairs of the 1/8 round of the Champions League C1 Cup still contain many surprises. One thing for sure, however, is that only half of those 12 teams will have tickets to the next round. Whatever the outcome, those are all well-deserved names to the Champions League quarterfinals.

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