PSG Defeated Dortmund: Tuchel’s Own Comeback

The victory over Dortmund was a reversal by Thomas Tuchel. If that fails, the German coach will almost certainly leave at the end of the season. But the 2-0 victory with wise decisions in terms of people and tactics helped Tuchel regain confidence and strengthen his position …

PSG Defeated Dortmund: Tuchel's Own Comeback

Dortmund defeated PSG: Tuchel’s own comeback

Much criticized after losing to Dortmund in Germany, Tuchel often lost sleep. The German military commander appeared in the media with a haggard face, which was already thin, now looked even more austere. It felt like he did not know what to do, how to arrange the team so PSG could turn the tables on the compatriot team in the second leg. But Tuchel took on all his responsibilities and made decisive choices while accepting the price.

The first is in the center of the play next to Kimpembe Presnel. Despite recovering from injury and possibly fighting, captain Thiago Silva took the initiative to meet with Tuchel and said he felt he was not ready to return. The German military decided immediately, bringing Marquinhos back to the center-back position, adjusting the central midfield pair to Idrissa Gueye – Leandro Paredes. On the left-wing, Juan Bernat replaced Layvin Kurzawa. At the top, due to Kylian Mbappe’s absence, Pablo Sarabia kicked the striker with Edinson Cavani to PSG back to the 4-4-2 victory.

And all of these decisions, Tuchel‘s choices were successful. Marquinhos shows the role of a true leader in defense. He and Kimpembe formed a pincer blockade of the operation range of assassin Erling Haaland. Bernat is always alert, calm in any situation and plays extremely well with Neymar. Like last season against Liverpool, the Spanish left-back scored again. He also scored against Napoli. Bernat’s three Champions League goals in PSG shirt are all important goals.

Coach Tuchel (right) celebrates the victory with PSG coaching staff
Coach Tuchel (right) celebrates the victory with PSG coaching staff

Meanwhile, without Marco Verratti for a suspension, Paredes replaced the Italian player excellently. Paredes may not be as prominent as his teammate Idrissa Gueye, but he proves his worth by being able to launch sharp cross-passes, lead well and slow Dortmund‘s play by tactical foul. Paredes is smart, has good coordination and has many passes to create opportunities for the Parc des Princes.

The same is the Sarabia option. The Spaniard didn’t have Mbappe’s remarkable pace, but his clever moves had stretched and confused the Dortmund defense. Sarabia played relatively well with the other links on the line. Typically the ball leads to the second goal. Neymar passed the ball to Angel di Maria from the center to allow the Argentinian to push the ball to Sarabia on the right and he flicked it into the ground for Bernat to hit the net into the net.

Finally, Cavani’s experience, bravery is more appreciated by Tuchel than Mauro Icardi. The wide playing style, the effort to retreat to participate in the defense and to steal the ball of the Uruguayan striker also made the Dortmund defenders not know how to accompany him. As a result, PSG players always have the space needed to handle the ball and threaten Burki goalkeeper’s wooden frame. No goals, no assists, but Cavani is a valuable choice for Tuchel against Dortmund.

It can be said that Tuchel has carefully prepared for the decisive battle to his fate. He calculated, bet, ventured and succeeded.

Tuchel was about to push Di Maria to be the striker

After the 2-0 victory over Dortmund, coach Tuchel revealed that he initially planned to push Di Maria to kick the striker with Cavani. However, the Argentinian midfielder announced that he was tense and felt unable to play with 100%, especially when not playing at a forte. Tuchel said that when Angel had met him to talk about his situation, he had decided to let Pablo kick the striker and he had played very well.

8 – With his wise choices, Tuchel coach was scored by L’Equipe 8 in a 2-0 victory over Dortmund in the second round of the Champions League 2019/20. This is the highest score that Tuchel received when leading PSG in the No. 1 European tournament.
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