PSG bought Icardi completely, MU benefited unexpectedly

Paris Saint Germain decided to activate the terms of the purchase of striker Mauro Icardi. That also looks like an end to the future of Edinson Cavani. But it opened up new opportunities for Manchester United. PSG is…

Paris Saint Germain officially owns Mauro Icardi

Paris Saint Germain’s home page has officially announced the activation of the purchase of striker Mauro Icardi. In the notice, “PSG is pleased to announce the signing of Mauro Icardi on a permanent transfer, after borrowing the striker from Inter Milan in the 2019/20 season”.

PSG officially bought Mauro Icardi from Inter Milan
PSG officially bought Mauro Icardi from Inter Milan

Mauro Icardi signed a 4-year contract with Paris Saint Germain, until June 2024. To own the Argentinian striker in the squad, the Prince of the Park must spend 50 million euros with 8 million euros depending on the contributions of this player.

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PSG borrowed Mauro Icardi from the beginning of the 2019/20 season from Inter Milan. In the colors of the French champions, the 27-year-old Argentine striker has impressed with 20 goals and 4 assists after 31 appearances in all competitions.

Another notable detail in this deal is the “anti-Juventus” clause. Specifically, if PSG sells Mauro Icardi to Juventus, the French champion will have to pay Inter Milan for another 15 million euros.

This transfer can be seen as a relief for both Mauro Icardi and Inter Milan. Before coming to Paris Saint Germain, Icardi was the captain of Inter for many years and has been with the team since 2013. However, this relationship then became worse.

After Mauro Icardi broke up, the Inter Milan homepage only gave a mere 47 words: “Inter Milan announced the transfer of Mauro Icardi to PSG: The striker born in 1993 has completely moved to the French team. The goal has been for us for 6 seasons and wishes you all the best in your future career.”

Manchester United thus benefited – PSG

Mauro Icardi was once the captain of Inter Milan but later lost his position. When coach Antonio Conte came to power, the Argentine striker was loaned to PSG. The promotion of Mauro Icardi’s buyout means that the opportunity to stay in the yard of Prince Cavani’s Park is almost no longer available.

The Uruguayan striker is out of contract with Paris Saint Germain at the end of June and is expected to reduce his salary by 40% to keep. In the case of PSG farewell, Cavani will have certain terminals to head to. In particular, Manchester United is considered a big man capable of winning the signature of Cavani.

In January, MU and Atletico fiercely competed to own this 33-year-old striker. However, Cavani himself needs to live at PSG till the stop of the season. The reason is that Cavani hopes the final season of the team of Paris Saint Germain, he can conquer the Champions League title.

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In addition, Paris Saint Germain’s management then tried to prevent this deal, because it had to share efforts on many fronts. But now, Cavani understands his future, and Manchester United will probably easily forward, negotiate the contract. An attractive salary will help “Reds Devil” own Cavani.

Cavani will probably come to MU
Cavani will probably come to MU

In his career, Cavani has scored 403 goals, including 353 in the club shirt, and 50 for the Uruguay national team. If the addition of Cavani, surely Manchester United attack will have an additional choice worth the wait.