Online Competition And Impact On The Professional CS: GO Platform

Having to play online: CS: GO has made it difficult for many top teams, but this is also an opportunity for lower-tier teams to rise.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Esports in general and CS: GO in particular have been affected quite a lot. In February, IEM Katowice – one of the most prestigious tournaments of the year – competed in the playoffs without an audience.

After a series of tournaments were canceled and forced to switch to online competitions such as ESL Pro League, FLASHPOINT, DreamHack Masters Spring, and even Major ESL One Rio had to step back until November, leaving this year only a single Major. The transition to the online form is a must in this situation, but it also has many negative effects on the CS: GO platform.

An unstable form of the top CS: GO teams

Unstable is the general status of the top world teams in recent times. With the exception of Astralis who performed fairly well in ESL Pro League Season 11 (top 3 overall) and ESL One: Road to Rio (champion with only one loss) all other top teams have lost. very surprised against the underrated competitors. The most prominent names here are Na`vi, Mousesports, and Team Liquid.

In the EU region, Mousesports is probably the name most affected by the online competition when they only kept themselves at ESL Pro League Season 11 with the runner-up, but at ESL One: Road to Rio, Mousesports performance has actually gone down when they failed to make it through the group stage and had a disappointing 3-4 coefficient. Most recently, they also failed to qualify for the DreamHack Masters Spring 2020 when they lost all 3 matches and had a round -46 coefficient.

Online Competition And Impact On The Professional CS: GO Platform
Mousesports is in a bad shape recently

Liquid’s recent form has also been questioned as they constantly disappoint fans with unbelievable failures against rivals that are much underrated like Envy, Furia, or Chaos. Esports. Stewie and his teammates will have a lot of work to do in the future at CS: GO tournaments.

The rise of low tier teams

The decline of the top teams also means that the lower tier teams have the opportunity to rise and challenge the big boys. As mentioned above, in North America we have names like Furia, Gen.G Esports or Cloud9 when these names recently performed very well with convincing victories against Liquid or EG – the two men major in this area; while at CIS, when Na`vi gets down, it is an opportunity for VP or Team Spirit to rise and assert themselves.

In the EU region, the name of Heretics in recent times is Heretics when this French team finished 6th in ESL One: Road to Rio with impressive victories against Dignitas, Col, ENCE and even narrowly won Fnatic, the champion of the CS: GO tournament

Online Competition And Impact On The Professional CS: GO Platform
Heretics is a name that has performed quite well recently

Exhaustion of a series of players

Another problem that emerged was that the tournament organizers changed the format and extended the playing time, causing the players to play continuously at great intensity. An example of this is the fact that after playing for ESL Pro League Season 11 for nearly a month, players will only get one week off before continuing to play ESL One: Road to Rio.

Only two days after the ESL One: Road to Rio finals, teams will continue to compete at DreamHack Masters Spring 2020 for nearly a month, and between that will be the Showdown and Final round of BLAST Premier Spring 2020. Not stopping here, by the end of June, the top teams will continue to attend cs_summit 6, the second RMR tournament this year, to earn points to attend the only Major in the year – ESL One Rio.

The fact that the top teams have to compete and confront each other continuously not only causes viewers to “betray” but also causes many players to announce a temporary suspension of CS: GO play to restore health. Names such as ALEX, Gla1ve, or most recently Olofmeister have proven this and certainly this list will not stop here.

Online Competition And Impact On The Professional CS: GO Platform
Gla1ve recently announced a three-month suspension to recuperate

Online tournaments are certainly a suitable solution for the current context, but it is having a negative impact on the professional CS: GO platform and hopefully the epidemic will soon pass to LAN tournaments. to be able to return to the stadiums packed with passionate support from the audience.

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