Prince Of Tennis Thiem Can Not Surpass Federer

(Sports news – Tennis news) Dominic Thiem – prince of tennis – had the opportunity to climb to the 3rd of the world ranking, taking this position from the hands of Roger Federer. However, in the end, the Austrian player lost a pity.

Dominic Thiem lost the opportunity to climb 3rd in the world ranking

With Roger Federer taking a long-term leave due to injury, Dominic Thiem has a great opportunity to pass the “Express Train” on the ATP rankings. However, he missed the opportunity at the recent Rio Open.

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Dominic Thiem has just lost bitterly before the world ranked 128 player

Dominic Thiem lost to Italian rival Gianluca Mager 6-7, 5-7 in the quarter-finals of the Rio Open. The defeat against Mager – currently 128th in the world ranking, made the Austrian tennis player stand in 4th place in the world, instead of taking 3rd place from Roger Federer.

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After the match, prince of tennis Thiem proved depressed and blamed herself for the loss. He shared that: “I did not play at the very best level within the beyond the week, even though I attempted to do everything”

Some people believe that the weather is the reason why Dominic Thiem lost to the 128-level tennis player. It rained so the match on Friday (February 21) was postponed to Saturday (February 22). Still, it could not be an excuse for Thiem’s ​​fall. Because on Friday, the Rio 2017 champion was led by the Italian opponent 7-6 (April 7), 2-1 before the heavy rain.

The ups and downs is the biggest prince of tennis Dominic Thiem’s problems. Remember in the final of the Australian Open 2020, Thiem had a very close time with the first Grand Slam of his career. However, at the time of demanding bravery, the 26-year-old Austrian lost his regret, only to be beaten by Novak Djokovic.

Federer still wants to stand on the top of tennis: Coach Nadal anticipates retirement

Carlos Moya was 21 years ago at the top of the ATP rankings. The Spaniard took the No. 1 spot in the world for 2 weeks in March 1999 after reaching the final of the Indian Wells, although he failed to reach the quarter-finals of a Grand Slam. It was not until 2010 that Moya retired when he was no longer in high form, his age and injuries made him stop to spend time with his family and businesses.

Roger Federer

Tennis has changed a lot since Moya was at the top of the short glory, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic have since dominated the sport in a way that has never been so impressive and lasting. Moya is now a coach for Nadal and he thinks that like himself, Nadal and Fededer will stay with tennis for a while.

“Roger Federer is at an age which many players have retired, but he is still in the semi-finals in Australia. If Roger wins set 1 against Djokovic, he doesn’t know what will happen, ”Moya said. “That’s the rule of life, tennis lovers will see that too. Federer will come one day saying goodbye to us, but for the time being let’s enjoy every moment of him on the pitch.”

“With Nadal, I cannot say for sure. I think Nadal will stay in tennis for a long time. He is playing well and not injured, when combined both factors, Nadal has no reason to leave the game early.”

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Moya also expressed regret that Nadal could not advance further at the Australian Open. “Rafa did not have a timely drop in form for a tough opponent like Dominic Thiem. At least I can see his psychological optimism, Rafa said I will still dream about the championship in this tournament in the coming years, ”Moya said.