Presidential election 2020 – Why do Americans still trust Trump to run the economy?

In a speech for the Presidential election 2020, Amidst the recession with millions of people losing their jobs, the confidence rate in Trump’s economic problem remained high, mainly due to political polarization. Whether this is a real promise from Trump or just a trick to advance to the presidential position at the Presidential election 2020.


US President Donald Trump speaks on the first day of the Republican National Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina on August 24
US President Donald Trump speaks on the first day of the Republican National Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina on August 24

In the Presidential election 2020, The strength of US President Donald Trump’s economic, along with the question for candidate Joe Biden can undermine it in the next 10 weeks , is  key factors determining the vote of voters in the battlefield states of the Midwest and the Southern Solar Belt. Many of these states have had a tough summer, with nCoV infection and death rates still rising, leading to unemployment, and loss of wages and savings. History shows that these blows are a threat to an incumbent president racing for re-election.

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According to a recent survey by ABC News/Washington Post, two-thirds of Americans say the economy is in a dire state, the highest rate since 2014. Rate of negative economic assessment since Trump took office also rose 20 percentage points. Among pessimistic voters about the economy, 70% plan to support Biden and his “deputy” Kamala Harris in November.

However, the former US vice president Donald Trump still cannot take the “upper hand” in economic matters. When asked if the economy would be better, worse, or stay the same if Biden was elected in the Presidential election 2020 voters’ views were roughly divided into three equal streams. According to the survey results published recently by NBC News / WSJ, Trump is still more confident than Biden in economic matters.

A WINNING STRATEGY OR A REAL PROMISEPresidential election 2020

Some hailed Trump's populist trade policy, which included tariffs on imports from China that the White House boss
Some hailed Trump’s populist trade policy, which included tariffs on imports from China that the White House boss

Voters, especially conservatives in the Presidential election 2020, still regard Trump as a successful businessman and tough negotiator. Many praised the President’s ability to run the economy before the pandemic and did not blame him for the current damage. Some voters cited record gains in the stock market as evidence of growth under Trump. “Trump made mistakes in business, me too,” said Dale Georgeff, a pro-Trump businessman in Cedarburg, Wisconsin. “I think the most important thing is that he treats the problem and runs everything like a business.”

David Winton, a Republican strategist, said Trump’s credit rating was also bolstered as the economy added 9 million jobs in June and July, after losing more than 20 million in March and April. According to Winton, the opinion of Trump running the economy is “largely still positive, better than the whole of his business”. Trump also seems confident that the economic sector gives him an advantage in the White House race and in the Presidential election 2020. “We are growing the economy and we are ahead in every poll, even fake ones. We are leading the economy, very important issue,” Trump said on August 21. in Virginia.

Acording the NY Times commentator Jim Tankersley said Donald Trump is reaping the advantages of the harsh polarization of US voters. For many Republican voters and conservatives, economic optimism is deeply tied to the confidence of the president. Meanwhile, Democrats’ aversion to Trump has made them pessimistic despite years of growth and low unemployment rates before the pandemic.

The Survey results conducted in three month on the online research platform SurveyMonkey, and it has 8/10 Republican voters are unemployed due to the economic recession and have not yet found a job, still agree with Trump’s handling of the agent. Nearly three out of ten Republicans who lost their jobs said their economy was better than a year ago, while only one in ten Democrats who didn’t lose their jobs due to the crisis shared the same mindset.

Besides, The survey also showed that Republican members are less likely to be unemployed due to the crisis than Democrats or independent voters. This gap narrowed among white voters. Unemployment rates for workers of colour and Latin, which tend to favour Democrats, are higher than for white workers. “The Republicans are more focused on solving the economic problem in the midst of the pandemic, while the Democrats are focusing on health,” said Laura Wronski, a research scientist at SurveyMonkey.

In the Presidential election 2020, less than a fifth of Republicans worry about losing their jobs in the midst of the crisis, it is much lower than any other ideological group. Nearly 2 out of 5 Republican voters also believe that by the end of October “the virus will be under control, the economy will improve strongly or steadily”. This rate is more than double that of Americans in general. Only 3% of Democrats agree.

“I’ve seen steady growth since Trump took power. I just bought three new cars in the belief that the economy will increase despite Covid-19,” said Rick Slowicki, president of the Nonstop Couriers. Philadelphia-based transportation service with 11 employees, operates 14 vehicles and expects revenue to reach $ 1.3 million this year.

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