President Verona: ‘Italy is like in a war’

Maurizio Setti, President of the Hellas Verona Club, likens the situation of football and Italian society to the current situation in the middle of the war.

‘We are in a state of war’

“Our current position is very simple. We need to sit around a table with calmness, intelligence, and openness, find satisfying solutions for the parties. “Setti emphasized.

President Verona: 'Italy is like in a war'
Serie A stopped playing from 9/3

Like many other clubs, Verona is negotiating with players about reducing wages. This is indispensable to do because the club no longer has revenue.

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“What is happening is extremely damaging for football. I believe there will be no problem in finding a deal with the players. They are good people,” Setti added.

Italy currently has the largest number of deaths in COVID-19, according to government reports, amounting to 15,880. Due to the effects of the epidemic, all sports activities are paralyzed.

With the current complicated situation, the tournaments are unlikely to return in May as expected. According to the president of the Italian Football Federation, the organizing committee will try to end the season even when playing until October.

“I hope this season will return. The end of the season will bring joy to the people because they love football so much,” Setti suggested supporting the Serie A kicking the rest of the season.

Verona currently ranks eighth in Serie A, with 35 points, four points behind the group that could qualify for the European Cup. Juventus topped with 63 points, one more point than the second team Lazio.

Serie A teams together reduced player salaries

19 of 20 Serie A teams agreed to reduce from 17% to 33% of player salaries after an online meeting on 6/4.

After failing to negotiate with the Italian Professional Football Association (AIC) last week, the tournament organizers must meet with 20 teams yesterday 6/4. 19 out of 20 teams agreed with a one-third reduction in the salary of players proposed by the Serie A organizing committee. The only team that did not agree was Juventus. The defending champion agreed to reduce the player’s salary at the end of last month, saving about US $ 100 million.

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“Excluding Juventus, Verona and other Serie A teams agree to reduce the salaries of players, coaches and first-team staff,” the announcement of the Serie A organizers said. “This intervention is needed to protect the future of the entire Italian football system, helping to reduce one-third of the salary in the year – equivalent to four months salary if this season can not continue. “

Lukaku received more than $ 8.1 million a year before translation, the third-highest in Serie A.
Lukaku received more than $ 8.1 million a year before translation, the third-highest in Serie A. 

The above agreement can help teams save a total of 280 million to 560 million USD. The priority of the organizers is to continue the 2019-2020 season, but this is unlikely because Italy is the country with the highest number of people infected and dying from nCoV. By the end of April 6, the country witnessed 132,547 infections and 16,523 deaths from the epidemic.

Serie A is the first major tournament in Europe where teams agree to reduce player salaries. While the big teams in Spain, Germany and France have separate agreements with players, in the UK, the debate about salary reduction has not ended when the Professional Football Association here opposes the reduction income plan.

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