President Brescia: Cancel Serie A 2020; Bonucci financial support

Brescia Club President Massimo Cellino called for the cancellation of the Serie A 2020 season results.

“We need to cancel this season. Be realistic, gentlemen. This is an epidemic,” Cellino told Corriere dello Sport (Italy).

Current widespread of the epidemic is getting complicated 

President Brescia: Cancel Serie A 2020; Bonucci financial support
Cellino wants to cancel the results from the beginning of the season.

Italy, the country with 59,138 cases and 5,476 deaths from Covid-19, stopped all sporting events until early April. However, the situation is not yet positive. Many Serie A players are infected with the virus, including three from the team leading Juventus.

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Brescia is currently at the bottom of Serie A 2020. If the results of the Serie A 2020 season are canceled, Cellino’s team will automatically escape the risk of relegation.

Meanwhile, teams that are aiming for the championship such as Juventus, Lazio, or Inter Milan will miss the chance to win the title.

“If Lazio President Claudio Lotito wants the championship, then give it to him. I am no longer interested in Serie A 2020 season. I’m afraid to leave home now,” Cellino added.

Due to the negative development of the epidemic, Italy is blocking the country, forcing all citizens to stay home. Some people just leave home when there is an urgent need. Cellino is currently in Brescia, while his wife is trapped in Cagliari and his son in Milan.

“Life is above all else,” said Cellino. “Many people still don’t understand what’s going on. They’re worse than viruses. This season can’t play and what to do is think for the next season.”

The Serie A player, Bonucci  raises money against Covid-19

Bonucci, Ilicic, Insigne pocketed the money to support local hospitals against Covid-19.

Juventus center-back Leonardo Bonucci donated $ 133,700 to Citta della Salute Hospital in Turin, where he had surgery to save his son’s life. Napoli captain Lorenzo Insigne contributed $ 111,400 to Cotugno Hospital in Naples and called on people who are following his social networks to do the same.

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Bonucci helps save patients with nCoV out of pocket.
Bonucci helps save patients with nCoV out of pocket.

Josip Ilicic, who scored four goals against Valencia in the second leg of the Champions League round of 16, gave the ball he asked after the game to Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital in Bergamo. “It is an expression of closeness, gratitude and affection to the doctors who are fighting against a terrible virus that is shaking the lives of the community,” he said.

Ilicic and his Atalanta teammates and coach GIan Piero Gasperini have donated $ 55,700 to the hospital. The fans of this team provide an additional $ 66,800 for medical facilities, including $ 44,500 contributed during the trip to Valencia in the middle of the week. The rest is given by the ultra-supportive fan group.

Inter, Juventus and Parma all set up funds, calling for the generosity of the fans. Inter alone raised 557,200 USD for the hospital.

Italy is the most affected country in Europe by Covid-19. By the end of Saturday, 17,750 citizens of the country had respiratory-related illnesses. 1,441 people were killed and 1,518 others were in intensive care.

The province of Bergamo, Lombardy region, northern Italy, is the hardest-hit area of ​​Covid-19. The local newspaper L’Eco has reserved a corner of the site as an obituary for Covid-19 patients. 10 people died on Friday and 11 people died yesterday.
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