President Abramovich Made The Chelsea Hotel The Anti Covid-19

The chairman Abramovich of Chelsea has just taken a surprising action in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic.

President Abramovich made the Chelsea hotel the anti-epidemic Covid-19

This is the time when the English Premier League is postponed due to the complicated developments of the Covid-19 pandemic. Along with other top European football leagues, the time for English football to resume operation is still a big question mark.

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During this unwelcome break, Chelsea club president, Roman Abramovich, a billionaire surprised by spending a large amount of money to renovate the Millennium Hotel, in the complex of Stamford Bridge Stadium.

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The Millennium Hotel, where Chelsea welcomes medical staff

The purpose of this action is to turn the hotel under the management of the team into London into a resting place, focusing on doctors and patients struggling with Covid-19. According to today’s official Chelsea website announcement, this hotel will be free for the next 2 months for employees of the British Government Health System (NHS).

The entire cost of operating and taking care of the guests staying here will be covered by Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich. “Many of the health workers will work long hours amid the escalating epidemic.

They will not be able to go home or rest in uncertain places. Therefore, this will be the place to help this team maintain health. Everything will be free for a period of 2 months, before the next announcement “- The home page of” The Blues “adds.

Russian billionaire, Abramovich is very popular with Chelsea fans

Chelsea was the team directly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, when their young talent, Callum Hudson Odoi was hospitalized for being positive for the virus. This extremely timely and humane gesture of President Chelsea, Abramovich will surely receive the support of many people living in London. Of course, Chelsea fans once again feel proud of the boss not only wealthy but also his kindness.

MU was stunned because of Covid-19: “Blown” 1 billion pounds in 1 month

The Covid-19 pandemic is causing the world to stand down with a series of industries that are seriously affected, with unpredictable consequences. Recently, this storm of the disease has also affected the stock market seriously, causing MU‘s value to plummet to 2 billion pounds, according to The Sun.

The terrible decline in the stock market of MU

Just over a month ago, “Red Devil” was valued at £ 3 billion on the stock market. But since the corona virus outbreak, their share price has dropped to just over £ 9.92 per share on Monday (March 16), compared with £ 16.53 per share earlier this year. Thus, this pandemic has “blown away” 1 billion MU in the blink of an eye.

For comparison, MU has also spent about 1 billion pounds on the transfer market since the last time they took the throne in the Premier League in the 2012/13 season. However, it was not until the transfer period of the 2019/20 season that the “Reds” seemed to get what they needed, with quality deals like Harry Maguire and especially Bruno Fernandes.

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This is not the first time the value of MU on the stock market has dropped so much. Previously, the value of “Red Devils” once dropped more than 1 billion pounds after the disappointing 2018/19 season. However, this number comes after a period of 1 year. In August 2018, MU was valued at £ 3.51 billion, by June 2019, the value of the team decreased to £ 2.25 billion.

MU was taken over by the Glazer family in 2005 for about 790 million pounds. But American owners are increasingly being opposed by fans, leading to protests both inside and outside the stadium. In the past year, there has been interesting from a Saudi billionaire, ready to offer £ 3 billion to buy the club but everything is nowhere to be found.

Recently, the European Football Observing and Research Center (CIES) has priced MU in the 6th position in the world, the lowest in the “billion” group: 1,007 billion euros. Above MU are 3 English teams, Chelsea (5th – 1,008 billion euros), Man City (2nd – 1,361 billion euros) and Liverpool (1st – 1,405 billion euros).