Premier News: Arsenal And The Difficult Problem With Aubameyang

Premier News: The 2019/20 season still doesn’t know when it will be possible to resume playing because of the global pandemic, which makes players with a short-term contract (from June 2021 back here) very difficult to make decisions about the future.

Arsenal and the difficult problem with Aubameyang

And of course, in the opposite direction, the teams that own them also thus “have a difficult problem” in renewing their contract. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is one of the players currently playing in the Premier League that gives the club a headache.

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Aubameyang has a 15-month contract with Arsenal. It is expected that when the English Premier League season returns and ends, the contract of the Gabon striker with the Gunners is only about 9-10 months, even shorter. Because the value of the stars will decrease significantly when the contract expires, the owners of the host team where they are playing will definitely have to give top priority to the contract extension. However, at this point, Aubameyang wanted to leave; or if there was an extension, he would have to make very demanding demands.

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Premier News: Arsenal And The Difficult Problem With Aubameyang

According to the Premier news, Arsenal is ready to propose a new long-term contract with Aubameyang but the former Dortmund star is determined to bid farewell to the Emirates Stadium due to Barca’s reputation to buy on behalf of Luis Suarez. Also, MU is also welcoming him. Although the number 1 goal is Inter’s Lautaro Martinez, the Nou Camp team still targets Aubameyang in case it is impossible to persuade Inter to release the Argentine striker.

Premier News: Shearer’s ‘masterpiece’ performance during the Blackburn season won the Premier League

Followed the Premier news, in that season, Blackburn possessed many quality faces. Tim Flowers in the wooden frame, Colin Hendry in the defense, Tim Sherwood in the midfield, and Chris Sutton, who partnered Shearer in the attack. But for Blackburn to reach the first British championship in 81 years, Shearer is different.

He scored 34 goals, including important goals against Arsenal, Chelsea, Man City, Coventry and Southampton. He also scored a hat-trick against QPR, West Ham and Ipswich. Most notably, when Blackburn showed signs of a slump at the end of the season, Shearer’s only goal against the former Newcastle team brought the team back into orbit.

Also in the 1994/95 season, Shearer joined Sutton into the most terrifying “Premier League” in Premier League history. Although not very harmonious in real life, but on the field, they are extremely good. That season, Sutton passed the ball to Shearer scoring 11 times, and in the opposite direction, Shearer also had nine assists for Sutton. By the end of the season, Sutton had 15 and 17 assists, while Shearer had 34 goals and 16 assists. Together, they contributed (both goals and assists) to 61.2% or two-thirds of Blackburn’s goals in the 1994/95 season.

Premier News: Arsenal And The Difficult Problem With Aubameyang

Blackburn was once mocked as “crazy” when he paid £ 3.6 million to buy Shearer from Southampton in 1992 (the record at that time). But clearly, it was a logical madness.

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