Premier League Will Not Cancel Due To Covid-19, The Reason Why?

So the Premier League will not cancel as previously speculated. The meeting of the English Football Federation (FA) has recently come to a consensus on the tournament completing the nine rounds with the remaining 92 matches …

Chelsea lost 3 stars, MU celebrated the top 4 race

The March 19 meeting of the English Football Association with the club representatives reached a consensus on the English Premier League as well as the lower-level leagues of the English football system to complete the remainder of the season. It means that the Premier League will not cancel. The English Premier League has 9 rounds with 92 matches yet, and will definitely play the tournament no matter the time.

3 players Pedro, Willian and Giroud will be out of contract with Chelsea in June
3 players Pedro, Willian and Giroud will be out of contract with Chelsea in June

It also means that the Premier League title is still about to come to Liverpool. Meanwhile, MU, Chelsea, Tottenham along Sheffield United, Wolves and many other teams will continue to race top 4. This is a tough race, with many great challenges waiting.

At the moment, Chelsea is facing another headache. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the tournament was interrupted and will probably end later than the June milestone. It will not be back until April 30 before the tournament is scheduled. And that inadvertently pushed the West London team into a difficult situation. That is they can take Willian trio – Oliver Giroud and Pedro Rodriguez before the season ends. Because by the end of June, both Willian, Giroud and Pedro will be free players.

Pedro is one of the players who has the most trophies in football history, from Barcelona to Chelsea, he is always a name more or less traced in the championship trophies. The speed, the technique, the ability to move the ball and, of course, the experience that makes the Spaniard a name worth recruiting despite being over 30 years old.

Chelsea’s attack is inherently very thin, because Tammy Abraham is often injured, and Michy Batshuayi is constantly frustrated. In the context of Chelsea also playing in the 1/8 round of the Champions League in the rematch with Bayern Munich, if Giroud is gone, Chelsea will fall into a serious shortage of personnel.

Giroud is no longer in the Chelsea plan and Frank Lampard wants to rejuvenate the attack and will give priority to the rest of the squad. But that is the story after the end of the season. And after June 30, maybe Chelsea is still playing the final rounds in the English Premier League. The Daily Mail revealed that the 2018 World Cup champion is heading to the terminals like Lyon, Marseille or Inter Milan.

Premier League Will Not Cancel Due To Covid-19, The Reason Why?
Lampard will have a headache if losing Willian

Out of these 3 players, only Willian posted a statement announcing his willingness to play for Chelsea even before the end of the season and his contract expired. Say that, but it is entirely possible the Brazilian player disobeyed. It should be remembered that Barcelona really wants Willian’s service in the search for a complement to the attack. So far Chelsea has not been able to renew the Brazilian, and although Willian will leave Stamford Bridge in this situation, West Londoners can not stop.

All of the above cases only benefit the opponents of Chelsea in the top 4 Premier League race, which MU is probably the more excited team than anyone. Without the Willian – Pedro – Giroud trio in the final rounds, this is really a big loss for the West London team in the race to qualify for the Champions League next season.

The reason the Premier League will not cancel because of Covid-19: Startled huge fines

Premier League 2019/20 will postpone until 30/4 but the end of the season has been extended not limited by the FA and the organizers. Thus the tournament will be over, will be played full 38 rounds and will determine the champion, the European Cup and the relegation capacity. There is no way English football will pretend to consider the results of the past 29 rounds of the highest division as non-existent.

Premier League Will Not Cancel Due To Covid-19, The Reason Why?
The Premier League will have to pay £ 762 million to broadcasters if the 2019/20 season is canceled

And The Athletic magazine recently revealed an important reason why the Premier League will not cancel, even though there are still people who think that “it will be announced at a different time”. The source of the magazine, compiled from close journalists with Premier League clubs and some informed after the meeting yesterday, said if canceling the Premier League would have to compensate £ 762 million for The parties hold the television rights.

The Athletic said the broadcasters are currently suffering from severe economic losses due to the absence of football events in particular and sports in general. This information has been made known to the 20 Premier League clubs, and since they have received enough TV royalties this season, they are responsible for fulfilling their contractual commitments, otherwise, they will be broadcasted by broadcasters. sue (and be sure to win, whether or not the plague).

Premier League Will Not Cancel Due To Covid-19, The Reason Why?
Clubs are still paying regular players and staff salaries during the Covid-19 season

This is considered the most stable solution for the clubs because they currently have no tickets, do not receive enough sponsorships, no sales money while still having to pay the team and staff. And broadcasters do not have football to show the audience and therefore do not have, or receive insufficient, revenue from advertising.

There were some comments after the meeting that the clubs could still accept financial losses to end the season now and prepare to kick the next season. That argument is considered to come from those who are only interested in big clubs, newly promoted teams will be in danger, and specifically for Sheffield United they are still in the European Cup group and if they cancel their prize will fall into debt after an unexpectedly successful season.
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