Premier League unexpectedly postponed the closing day

After meeting with representatives of 20 Premier League clubs, the organizers have made important strides in the plan to resume this season.

The Premier League will be back soon

After the Bundesliga returned to play on 16/5 after more than 2 months of postponement because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Premier League is also very eager to resume the unfinished 2019/20 season. Last night (May 18, Vietnam time), after an important meeting with the Premier League organizers, representatives of all 20 clubs agreed on the players will be back to practice in small groups from This afternoon (May 19).

The Premier League has taken an important step to resume matches this season
The Premier League has taken an important step to resume matches this season

This is step 1 of the “Project Restart” to bring the Premier League back. Premier League players and officials have expressed great interest in starting to return to competition and emphasized that the process of returning clubs to training should be properly calculated and well-controlled

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Meanwhile, according to the Mirror, Richard Masters – CEO of the Premier League revealed that this tournament can resume the 2019/20 season starting on 12/6, but emphasizes on the timing that may be delayed depending on the situation of the control of the Covid-19 epidemic in the foggy country:

“For the time being, we are focusing on making plans for the matches to return on June 12, although that is not our firm commitment. What we can do now is proceed to allow clubs to organize training in small groups of players on the field.” the representative of the Premier League said. 

As for the Daily Mail, after the last meeting with representatives of 20 clubs, Premier League officials changed the plan for the end of this season. Initially, they planned the No.1 tournament of the foggy country will be able to close the curtain by the end of July. 

Premier League chief executive Richard Masters wants the tournament to resume again on June 12
Premier League chief executive Richard Masters wants the tournament to resume again on June 12

What are the things Manchester City afraid of?

However, after the meeting, the leaders of the EPL plan to host the matches of round 38 – the last round of the Premier League this season before August 22 this year. If this becomes a reality, this will be bad news for the teams that have the opportunity to go deep in this year’s European Cup like Man City and Manchester United

Earlier, the European Football Confederation (UEFA) had expressed a wish for the Champions League and Europa League to continue knockout rounds in August when the continental league leagues may end in May. 7.

However, if the EPL delays the closing date of the 2019/20 season to the close on August 22, Manchester United and Man City will have to strain the competition in many important fronts in the domestic league . England, FA Cup) and European Cup.

Currently, Manchester United has firmly held the ticket to the Europa League quarter-finals when he won LASK 5-0 right on Austria in the first round of the 1/8 round. Man City are also in great advantage by beating Real Madrid 2-1 as a guest at the Santiago Bernabeu at the first leg of the 1/8 Champions League

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UEFA plans to host the Champions League final this season on August 29. Meanwhile, the plan to start the new season 2020/21 of the EPL on August 8 may have to be pushed back to the middle of September this year.