Premier League shock: MU, Liverpool & 6 teams “bully” Man City

In the days when the Premier League has suspended, a concussion has just been released. Accordingly, up to 8 English teams – including big teams like Liverpool, MU, Arsenal, Tottenham apply to the Sports Court, preventing Man City from attending the Champions League.

Man City received a bitter decision from the European Football Federation

Recently, Man City received a bitter decision from the European Football Federation (UEFA). Accordingly, the defending Premier League champion was found guilty of a serious breach of the terms of the Financial Equity Act. And the cost of these violations is a two-year ban on UEFA-organized tournaments – including the Champions League and Europa League, and a fine of up to 27 million pounds.

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Man City are banned from Champions League for the next 2 seasons
Man City are banned from Champions League for the next 2 seasons

However, Man City said that there was a mistake in the investigation process of UEFA, and the team itself confirmed that they did not violate the decision. Therefore, the Etihad team then sent a complaint to the Sports Court (CAS), appeal the UEFA penalty. CAS side also confirmed that they have received the application from the blue side of Manchester.

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If Man City is banned from the Champions League, no one else than the English teams is the biggest beneficiary. The UEFA ruling not only eliminates the rest of the competition in a race to qualify for the European Cup, but it can even weaken a major competitor in the Premier League race.

The Daily Mail revealed a piece of shocking news that as many as eight of the top 10 Premier League teams this season have applied to the Sports Arbitration Court (CAS) to prevent Man City from successfully appealing a penalty from UEFA. for violating FFP financial fair rules. Only Sheffield United is the team that did not do this.

The clubs strongly protested

Group of 8 clubs with Liverpool, MU, Arsenal and Chelsea, Tottenham as “clam boss” have written a separate application but sent it to the same law firm. The company represents all clubs, completes legal proceedings and file appeals. In the application, the clubs vehemently objected if Man City asked to join the tournament while the complaint was not properly resolved by CAS or was still in the process of investigation.

8 English clubs are “bullying” Man City
8 English clubs are “bullying” Man City 

Of course, this only takes place if the Etihad team requests to exercise this right of their own and the international arbitration court accepts that proposal from the representative of England. When contacted, the CAS declined to comment. But before that, on March 17, when asked about Man City‘s appeal process, the CAS said the Premier League champion had never made such a request.

Currently, many English teams are hoping that the remaining ticket – in the case of Man City in the top 4 but still banned for the Champions League next season, will be reserved for the team ranked fifth. And MU, Arsenal, Tottenham, Wolves are working hard to win this slot. Strangely, Sheffield United, who are highly capable of finishing in fifth place, did not write a letter against Pep Guardiola’s army, although they could be the team benefiting from the decision.
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