Premier League return: Officially Allowed from 1/6

The British government has just approved a plan to bring back the sports tournament Premier League return after the Covid-19 pandemic showed signs of subsiding.

The Premier League will be the most awaited tournament after determining the start date.

The Daily Mail reported that, during the latest British Government meeting on the approval of plans to bring major sporting events back next month. The English Premier League has received the waiting of many people because this is the tournament with the largest scale and attractiveness in Europe. According to the British government’s announcement, if nothing changes, the Premier League return will be allowed from June 1.

The Premier League will return starting in early June
The Premier League will return starting in early June

The Premier League return plan of the highest football league in the foggy country will include not allowing the audience to be allowed to watch the field. According to the British Government, football fans are only allowed to open the field when the world officially finds a vaccine to repel Covid-19. That will be the necessary condition for the matches to appear in the audience.

In the immediate future, on June 1, the British Government agrees for cultural and sporting events to take place with a ban on gathering crowds and spectators. The British government also asserted that the organizers of the major tournaments in the UK need to submit detailed plans to suit the situation at the time.

In a 50-page document published by the British Government, many entertainment and cultural activities in the UK were also started again from the first day of June. The Premier League return also announced that they will meet 20 The team is playing in this tournament to agree on the conditions of competition as well as the rules that arise.

It is known that before the British Government approved the return plan of the organizing committee of the Premier League, the tournament organizers had a private meeting with the Organizing Committee of the English professional football league (EFL) to unify Most will keep the rules up and down this season.

Earlier, the top 6 teams from the bottom of the Premier League table submitted an application to cancel the result, or at least skip the relegation regulations this season.

Thus, the big teams like Liverpool or Man United will need to plan to practice now because by the time the Premier League return, there will only be 3 weeks for the players to reach the state. best fitness before entering the schedule is expected to be very heavy next month.

Government endorsement to continue in June yet there are still issues to clubs to resolve

  • Prem supervisors had to come back to Downing Street with a supplication to leave the season alone finished in home arenas as a greater part are against impartial scenes. 
  • FA director Greg Clarke told the Prem that Wembley boss would not endorse the season being voided or transfer rejected — which means Liverpool crawled nearer to the title. 
  • Group boss were told they face a £375million reimbursement bill from supporters regardless of whether the season is happened, with requests for the full extraordinary £760m in the event that it is rejected. 
  • What’s more, clubs were all the while trying to concur clinical conventions that the players will acknowledge to come back to preparing.

Aside from this, there are: 

  • Ganes lasting less than 90 min
  • Shown free on Youtube
  • Wear snoods or masks on training
  • No fans and spectators
  • Teams can use up to 5 subs
  • Finish within 7 weeks
  • etc

Among the top 5 leagues in Europe, only the Bundesliga has set a return date on May 16. The top German clubs will play the game even though before that, information about players in the country positive for corona virus still appears.

Organizers of the Premier League is asking the government to consider the proposal to hold the remaining matches of the season in neutral ground. Many teams do not agree with this Premier League return plan. They say that not playing at home makes them lose a lot of advantages in important matches.