Premier League is coming back: MU and the clubs get great news

One of the reasons why the Premier League has not officially finalized the return date is the problem of playing in neutral ground. But this knot was also removed after a high-level meeting of officials.

Premier League is coming back MU and the clubs get great news

Premier League has not officially set the fixture schedule.

There are many reasons, but one of them is because up to 6 clubs in the bottom half of the rankings oppose the plan to kick on eight neutral clusters. Meanwhile, another club did not make a decision, causing Project Restart’s plan to not be approved.

Norwich, Bournemouth, Aston Villa, Brighton, West Ham and Watford – the teams are in the relegation race, afraid that they will lose the advantage when not playing at home. Meanwhile, all teams have important calculations in their relegation plan, regarding the issue of playing at home.

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But then finally, this knot was also untied. According to the exclusive source of the Daily Mail, the British police have agreed with the plan that clubs are allowed to play at home, rather than kicking on neutral ground. The voice of the police force in this matter is very high, because they will directly ensure security and safety issues at the time of the games.

Clubs are allowed to play at home and away, instead of having to play in 8 neutral pitches

Late yesterday, 12/5, the UK Ministry of Culture, Communications and Sports hosted an important meeting. The meeting was attended by representatives of the English Premier League, representatives of the British Police, the British Football Federation.

The purpose of this meeting is to remove difficulties in the field of competition at home for two English Premier League as well as First Division English.

And after stressful negotiation minutes, the British police agreed with the plan that the clubs were allowed to play at home and away, instead of having to play in eight neutral pitches. The police asked the clubs to pay a higher than normal fee, in exchange for ensuring the 2 meter spacing was always enforced.

Previously, there were concerns about kicking at home and away would increase the risk of infection of the Covid-19 pandemic. Because even when playing in an audience-free stadium, it is still difficult to control the number of fans gathered outside the stadium. Fans of the teams can still gather outside the pitch, track and cheer on the pet team during the critical phase of the season.

The police team will take care of this issue, ensuring the safety requirements during a pandemic as required by the British Government. The police still set out a number of safety criteria, and were approved by the Premier League organizers as well as the English Football Federation.

The police will support the Premier League soon
The police will support the Premier League soon

With the agreement approved in this meeting, the six clubs that are opposed to Project Restart will have no reason to object further. Still according to the Daily Mail, most likely today (May 13) the Premier League organizers, the English Football Association and representatives of 20 clubs will continue to meet again, to formally approve the return plan. 

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The European Football Federation (UEFA) is currently requiring all member federations to make specific plans before May 25. Therefore, the British football authorities have to rush to run early to have an answer for UEFA. With this good news, Premier League football fans promise to be able to follow 9 rounds soon with the remaining 92 matches of the 2019/20 season.