Premier League Fixtures, round 28: An opportunity for MU to top

Description: Regarding the cancelation of Arsenal and Sheffield United battle next weekend because the League Cup final will give MU a great opportunity to climb to the top again. Here are the premier league fixtures on the 28th round of this year tournament:

Premier League Fixtures round 28

Evaluations on Premier League Fixture, round 28

This early match is a confrontation between Norwich vs Leicester on Carrow Road Stadium. Next, at Dean Court, Bournemouth will host the Chelsea guest. Meanwhile, Liverpool players will be on a trip to Vicarage Road to encounter Watford host.

The final of the British League Cup between Man City and Aston Villa will take place on Sunday (1/3). Therefore, the two pairs of Aston Villa against Sheffield United and especially the midfield match between Man City against Arsenal will be forced to postpone. This inadvertently is a disadvantage for Arsenal and Sheffield United, although they do not have to play the next round.

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That is because the two teams are competing for a place in the Top 5 and take the seat for the Champions League next season. Meanwhile, despite being a guest against a high-profile Everton, if Man United get all 3 points at Goodison Park, they will have a chance to beat the top of both Sheffield and Arsenal.

Man United are having a chance to breakthrough in the coming Premier League Fixtures
Man United are having a chance to breakthrough in the coming Premier League Fixtures

Meanwhile, the great battle between Tottenham Hotspur and Wolverhampton at Molineux will also greatly determine the stressful Top 5 race. In a number of other notable confrontations, Liverpool is likely not difficult to win all 3 points on Watford’s field. Leicester City will also have the opportunity to stick to the second position of Man City if they defeat Norwich City.

Chelsea after the defeat at Bayern Munich in the first leg of the 1/8 round of the Champions League will have to revisit their spirit quickly before having an important match on the pitch of Bournemouth. Only victory will help teachers and coach Frank Lampard keep a position in the top 4.

The focus of round 28

The focus of round 28 of the Premier League Fixture will be towards the Etihad Stadium, where the central match between Man City and Arsenal takes place.

Man City face Arsenal is the focus match in the round of 28 of the Premier League Fixtures.
Man City face Arsenal is the focus match in the round of 28 of the Premier League Fixtures. 

Arsenal, meanwhile, is resurgent under coach Mikel Arteta as the only team in Europe’s top five leagues that have not lost a single match in 2020.

UEFA has issued a ban on attending City Cup for two consecutive seasons against Man City for violating the rules of financial fairness. Therefore, the Gunners only need to finish in the 5th position to qualify for the Champions League next season.

However, Arteta’s team will have to compete fiercely with rivals Chelsea, MU, Tottenham, even Wolves and Sheffield. In this Premier League Fixtures, Chelsea only has to face Bournemouth which is quite pleasant, whereas MU must be a guest of Everton being led by veteran coach Carlo Ancelotti. Meanwhile, the two direct competitors in the Premier League Fixtures, including Tottenham and Wolves that will have to “solve” each other in London.
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