Premier League Faces A Bad Scenario: Losing 4 Tickets To The C1

Liverpool is very worried about the cancellation request of many teams who are in the relegation race. But it is likely that the Premier League will continue, for a reason.

They faces a bad scenario: Losing 4 tickets to the C1 if canceling the tournament?

The Premier League is in a group benefit situation. According to the Daily Mail, there are 8 teams in the relegation battle, wanting the tournament to be canceled in this 2019/20 season. Meanwhile, the other group wants to continue kicking the next 9 rounds with the remaining 92 matches, to determine the tickets to the European Cup next season.

If the Premier League cancels the tournament, it is unlikely that any English team will qualify for the Champions League next season
If the Premier League cancels the tournament, it is unlikely that any English team will qualify for the Champions League next season

A strong blow can be dealt with the Premier League if the Football Association decided to cancel the results this season. Accordingly, if this tournament does not find a champion as well as teams that win tickets to the Champions League or Europa League in the 2019/20 season, the 2020/21 season, it is likely that England will not have any representative attending the European Cup.

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The above information was revealed by SunSport journalist Chris Williams on Twitter based on sources close to UEFA. The journalist revealed that according to UEFA sources, the tournaments that had to be canceled would have difficulty in nominating representatives for the Champions League and European Cup competitions, especially when other tournaments were completed. Leagues that did not complete the season might not qualify.

Thus, if the Premier League ends without a specific ranking, then Liverpool, Leicester, Chelsea and maybe Man City (this case is open, subject to the decision of the Court of Sports Arbitration) – the teams currently in the top 4 of the Premier League 2019/20, will not be eligible to participate in the Champions League next season. And teams like MU, Sheffield United, Tottenham, Wolves, Arsenal or Burnley … also do not have tickets to the Europa League due to ineligibility.

Which scenario for Premier League?

The fact that La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, Bundesliga or most of the other leagues in Europe, still did not dare to decide to cancel the tournament. Even Serie A – the Italian league, which was affected by Europe’s most severe pandemic – did not dare to cancel it because of this possibility.

Failure to participate in the Champions League will greatly affect the future of the big teams, in the context of clubs that have been miserably lost in this 2019/20 season.

MU and Chelsea had to agree with the plan to kick on the field without the audience?
MU and Chelsea had to agree with the plan to kick on the field without the audience?

Meanwhile, according to the Independent, March 26 and March 27, the Premier League organizers and the British Professional Football Association (PFA) discussed the future of the tournament, emphasizing the influence of the global pandemic to the matches. At this discussion, the majority thought that the most feasible solution to complete the 2019/20 season note was to take place on the field without an audience.

Of course, Liverpool fans are praying for the tournament to complete the rest of the way. The Liverpudlians have had to wait for 30 years to advance to the English championship almost now. Before that, the possibility of this tournament being canceled really had to be taken into account. However, in order to reach this consensus, the approval of 14 teams is required. But the new context and subsequent developments may force the Premier League to rethink.

Apart from the group of eight teams in the relegation battle (Norwich, Aston Villa, Bournemouth, Watford, West Ham, Brighton, Southampton and Newcastle) who want to cancel the tournament, the rest are trying to win tickets to the European Cup.

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So, the benefit group in favor of the next kick is still in the majority. As planned, the Premier League will postpone until 30/4, before considering the possibility of playing again. In addition, the English Football Federation does not exclude the case that the tournament will return in June.
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