Premier League Breaks Out Of April: MU & Liverpool’s Warm Action

MU and Liverpool took the lead in “kind” action when the Premier League postponed the end of April because of the pandemic.

Premier League breaks out of April: MU & Liverpool’s warm action

The global epidemic is crippling world football as most tournaments have been postponed to ensure public health. Recently, the Premier League organizers have agreed to postpone the tournament until the end of April (April 30) instead of the April 3 milestone as originally planned. This decision was made after a stakeholder meeting on March 19.

Premier League 2019/20 is suspended until April 30
Premier League 2019/20 is suspended until April 30

Delaying the tournament for more than a month not only makes fans wait but also creates many other consequences. The easiest are those who make a match. Security, driving, sanitation staff, medical staff … of the stadiums in the Premier League are in unemployment. They are usually seasonal workers and only get paid for the matches they take place.

According to the Independent UK investigation, these employees receive only about £ 8.21 per hour of work. With the tournament delayed until April 30, the risk of “starvation” of these employees is great. The same situation is experienced in the United States in the US professional basketball (NBA) teams.

The clubs really want to but can’t afford the cost to seasonal workers. Therefore, the French shadow star Rudy Gobert (Utah Jazz) has donated $ 200,000 to the employees of the stadium to cover life during “temporarily unemployed”.

MU and Liverpool have beautiful gestures between the season 2019/20
MU and Liverpool have beautiful gestures between the season 2019/20

However, the situation in England is somewhat brighter with nice gestures from the clubs. Independent newspaper survey with 20 clubs currently playing in the Premier League about the ability to pay for the staff of the stadium during the time off because of the pandemic and obtained very positive results.

Typically, Liverpool, the Anfield home team, still accepts to pay employees for three days of playing at home as expected (March 21, April 12, April 25) despite the fact that it does not take place. Each match will cost about 200,000 to 250,000 pounds/match so the total amount of Liverpool “relief” for the staff falls from 600,000 to 750,000 pounds.

MU also confirmed the same thing when the Old Trafford team wants to reduce financial anxiety for seasonal employees and recognize their important role for the club. However, the prerequisite is that these employees must work for the club for 3 months or more. In addition, Brighton, Crystal Palace, Wolves are also responding to this movement.

Wrathed MU’s 2000 billion target quits the quarantine, causing serious accidents

The Aston Villa captain midfielder has recently been involved in a scandal involving an accident involving his expensive car. Earlier, Jack Grealish went on social media to call people to stay home and show the street to buy food and drinks.

The star being pursued by MU has caused a continuous crash
The star being pursued by MU has caused a continuous crash

However, Man United’s goal of £ 70 million (about VND 2,000 billion) does the opposite. According to many witnesses, the 25-year-old midfielder, in a bad mood and lack of sleep, got out of the car to demand payment for the car owner who was hit by him. Even the star of Aston Villa loudly asserted that he did not want to be involved in the police and wanted to compensate for the damage to keep moving.

The incident happened early in the morning and according to sources, Grealish had previously stayed up all night gathering with friends at Dickens Heath, West Midlands. People living in this neighborhood spent an unpeaceful night.

A neighbor there said: “The party happened all night. It was unbearable. The noise stopped just in the early morning, but around 8 am, loud collisions broke out causing people to pulse. Outside, sleeping Jack (Grealish) is standing next to the car with his head squashed with another car owner. It’s a shame to see England’s top star look so sloppy and grimace. He is also not conscious and also appears drunk”

Grealish allegedly drove an £ 80,000 Range Rover across the street and crashed into a parked silver truck. As a result, the truck got dented and its rear lights were broken. Witnesses confirmed that Grealish continued on the sidewalk and crashed into a £ 30,000 C-Class Mercedes, with a green Mercedes parked next to £ 20,000. The Range Rover just stopped when it hit the railing in front of a real estate company gate.

Police were present to investigate Grealish’s behavior. His Range Rover was also kept on the outskirts of Birmingham. West Midlands police spokesman said the car driven by Jack Grealish crashed into many parked cars. Despite no human damage, the Aston Villa star may be summoned to testify for alcohol use before driving.
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