Premier League 2020 Season May Return Later Than April 30

The Telegraph recently revealed an option that the Premier League 2020 season could consider to end this season and start the new season.

Premier League 2020 season may return later than April 30, MU & giants face distorted

The March 19 meeting of the English Football Federation with representatives of the clubs has reached a consensus that the English Premier League will complete the rest of the 2019/20 season. Accordingly, the next 9 rounds with the remaining 92 matches will be held until the worldwide pandemic settles in England.

Premier League 2020 season may end in mid-July
Premier League 2020 season may end in mid-July

According to the ruling of the meeting, the Premier League 2020 season will be postponed until April 30. However, in the event that the pandemic has not subsided and the league has to be postponed, English football is ready to play without a summer vacation. According to the Telegraph, the highest tournament in the country can be postponed to June 1 – the time is expected to have passed the peak of the pandemic in the United Kingdom.

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These 9 rounds take about 7 to 8 weeks to complete. Under the new plan, the Premier League may play again on June 1 and end on July 11. The FA Cup will also be completed during this period. But the teams won’t have as much preparation time, and the players won’t have the same three-month summer vacation every year.

Because according to The Telegraph, the Premier League 2020 season will still start to kick off in August 2020, as usual, every year. Yes, only 1 week slower than the previous season. This rush to ensure that the English Premier League this season will end on schedule, in preparation for the EURO final, will take place in the summer of 2021.

However, the 2020/21 journey begins as usual, which will cause the clubs great financial losses. Clubs must definitely cancel the summer tour, or cut it short to the maximum. With big-name teams, especially the Big Six group of the English Premier League such as MU, Man City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea or Tottenham, the inability to make a summer tour certainly makes their revenue drop. big reduction, because making money from long-held tours has become a habit to them.

The “early” season also makes it difficult for clubs to transfer. The leagues in other countries also ended late, making the transfer process difficult and time-consuming. If the English Premier League 2020 season still maintains the rule that requires the transfer period to end 1 day before the start of the season, then the team probably only has 1 month to buy players, instead of 3 months as before.

Meanwhile, the summer vacation of the players will also be cut short. They almost only have 2 to 3 weeks of rest before having to return to training, preparing for the new season. In short, 2019/20 is truly a disaster season and its impact promises to be lasting.

Premier League 2020 season in danger, players rebellion: The cause in the schedule

Concerns about the Premier League 2020 season will end sooner than the final plan has been resolved. After the meeting on Thursday (March 19), the tournament organizers decided to postpone until April 30 to wait for the Covid-19 epidemic to pass away with the promise of “the tournament is definitely completed”. Before that, UEFA also “opened the way” when transferring EURO 2020 to 2021.

Premier League 2020 season is guaranteed to be over
Premier League 2020 season is guaranteed to be over

However, this worry was just over when other headache one came. According to sources from The Sun (England), some players playing in the Premier League are “ready to rebel” if they have to play too heavy schedule. According to Dave Kidd, many English players have contacted the British Professional Football Association (PFA) to guarantee a break between seasons.

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The source said a number of players on the Southgate coach’s expected list at EURO 2020 are concerned that they will have to play continuously for 14 months without proper rest. This comes from the FA decided to abolish the professional season rule that must be completed before 1/6. Therefore, it is likely that by the beginning of July, the season of 2019/20 can end.

Meanwhile, the schedule of the 2020/21 season has not changed and is still expected to start on August 8, 2020. This means the players only have more than a month off between the two seasons, but that’s just the beginning of the story.

A source from The Sun said some players are willing to "rebel" if they have to play too hard
A source from The Sun said some players are willing to “rebel” if they have to play too hard

EURO finals are expected to start from 11/6 and end on 11/7/2021. This manner that the European leagues must end by May 2021 for the national teams to focus on getting ready for the tournament. And if the Premier League player goes to the European finals this time, they have less than a month to rest before entering the 2021/2022 season.

As such, it is likely that there will be cases where the player is only allowed to rest for less than two months over 3 consecutive seasons. Therefore, the worry of the players is completely grounded. Playing in such a “cross country” way, exhaustion and injury are inevitable, so the players are looking for the English football federation to adjust their game properly for the coming years.

The schedule in the UK is one of the “heaviest” in Europe, having to play 1 national tournament and 2 trophies. The English Premier League 2020 season has also had winter holidays in recent years. UEFA is advising the FA to give up the League Cup just like France did to reduce the schedule for players but there has been no move from the English Football Federation.
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