Premier League 2020 keeps going: Economic benefits and Liverpool smile

Premier League cancelled or not is a question appears constantly on the football fans’ mind. According the official latest information from  Premier Leauge 2020, Premier League 2020 postponed until 30/4 but not canceled, a decision that brings economic benefits to the team and Liverpool smile.

Premier League and economic benefits

March 19 is a historic day in English football, when the FA (British Football Federation) and representatives of 20 Premier League clubs met about the future of the tournament, after postponing round 29 because of Covid-19.

Premier League 2020 postponed but not canceled
Premier League 2020 postponed but not canceled

The meeting extended to a general conclusion that Premier League cancelled or not, as the  Premier Leauge 2020 continued, and immediately postponed until April 30, when the Covid-19 pandemic was under control.

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Before that, there were arguments about whether the Premier League cancelled or not and continue. In the event of cancellation of the tournament, the championship may be vacant.

The FA, after consulting the clubs, has continued to compete in the  Premier Leauge 2020 and does not limit the end of the season.

In the UK, as with most European countries, the  Premier Leauge 2020 season ends on June 30. The FA has no time limit and insists it will finish the tournament once it is controlled by Covid-19.

This decision takes into account the economic benefits of the clubs when the English Premier League is a tournament with very high revenue.

A Premier League season generates approximately 5 billion pounds of revenue. The exact figure for the previous season was £ 4.95 billion (US $ 6 billion).

Television rights are the main source of income for clubs. The global audience for the Premier League revenue from the copyright on less than 3 billion pounds.

The Premier Leauge 2020 is broadcast to 188 countries, out of 193 countries recognized by the United Nations. Only Afghanistan, Moldova, Turkmenistan, North Korea, and Cuba are without waves.

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Even relegated teams can receive £ 100 million in TV royalties. With this fascinating figure, everyone wants the  Premier Leauge 2020 tournament to continue.

The Premier League 2020 is a “lucrative” cake
The Premier League 2020 is a “lucrative” cake

Therefore, when UEFA has postponed EURO 2020 to the summer of 2021, the FA has plenty of time to complete the 2019-20 season, avoiding huge losses. Since then, clubs have also received higher royalties.

It should not be overlooked: Premier League cancelled or not can make a significant contribution to the GDP of England, and many fields followed by. Therefore, the Preimier League organizers took carefull consideration into this tournament.

Liverpool smile

A few days ago, the possibility of Premier League cancelled or not was not nonexistent. At that time, many sensitive issues will arise, especially in promotion and relegation.

In the event of cancellation of the tournament, the possibility of the championship being vacated is not ruled out. This means that every attempt by Liverpool will go down.

Liverpool has the opportunity to end their thirst for the Premier League 2020 title
Liverpool has the opportunity to end their thirst for the Premier League 2020 title

Liverpool has a historic season. Jurgen Klopp’s army has only lost 5 points after 29 rounds this season.

In theory, Liverpool is capable of surpassing the 100-point record in Premier League history, set by Pep Guardiola’s Man City in the 2017-18 season.

But what Liverpool cares about is not the score, but the championship. For 30 years the team of the busiest port city in England could not win the crown of football of the fog country.

Therefore, in addition to economic benefits (Liverpool will receive more than 150 million pounds of television royalties), the decision not to cancel the Premier League brings joy to Liverpool.

Just 6 more points, Liverpool will end three decades of not winning English football, regardless of the results.
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