Premier League is taking place in strangest condition in history?

Premier League club organizers have a plan for the Premier League 2020 2019/20 season to continue.

Is the Premier League still taking place regardless of the Corona Virus (Covid-19)?

According to the Daily Mail, the organizers are concerned that the Premier League will become the only European tournament that cannot be completed by the end of June. A meeting with the heads of the 20 Premier League clubs has taken place. All teams expressed their desire to continue the 2019/20 season under the instructions from UEFA.

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Facing the epidemic situation, all the remaining matches of the Premier League 2020 will likely take place in an audience-free condition. More strangely, matches will be held at several neutral stadiums, scheduled at the Midlands at different times.

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The home advantage, Premier League 2020 clubs guest are about to be wiped out for the rest of the season.
The home advantage, Premier League 2020 clubs guest are about to be wiped out for the rest of the season.

The Premier League 2020 still has 92 matches, more than the other leagues. The new schedule will probably cause clubs to play with dense (every 3 days 1 game). This approach will help the organizers ensure the safety of the player while limiting the number of organizational and medical staff to a minimum.

Also according to the Daily Mail, fans do not need to be too worried when the matches will still be broadcast live on television.

Earlier, in a meeting with 55 member associations, UEFA issued an “ultimatum” requiring the leagues across Europe to end by June 30.

However, the European Football Federation is also not sure about this when the disease situation is getting more and more complicated, especially in some countries like Italy and Spain.

Today is the meeting to decide the future of the Premier League

All 20 club leaders and Premier League officials will attend a video meeting on Thursday local time to discuss plans to end the season.

The Premier League 2020 was hit hard by  Corona Virus (Covid-19) victims like Arteta

As of now, there is no doubt that the Premier League 2020 matches will be postponed until April 4 to prevent the spread of  Corona Virus (Covid-19) and that the top European leagues have pledged to UEFA that will end the season before June 30 if things get better. Here are the details.

The Premier League 2020 meeting will be held this Thursday morning local time in a video-call format to avoid face-to-face contact and encourage people to work from home. Participants will be representatives of 20 Premier League clubs, run by interim president Claudia Arney.

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This will be the first meeting to focus entirely on the future of the tournament in the current state of uncertainty. Last Friday, England’s Premier League 2020 has come to a unification that will be postponed until April 4 as a companion to the rest of the country. The upcoming meeting will also have advice from health experts about the scenarios to end the tournament.

So will the season end at the latest on June 30 as committed to UEFA? Don’t forget the latter “if the situation is getting better”. That is the ambition of the Premier League 2020 but the tournament will only be re-started when ensuring the safety of the player. In the context that the translation of the Corona Virus (Covid-19) is still very complicated, it is impossible to give a definite answer.

Potentially invalidate the season?

No European league wants to end this way, so it will be too early for the Premier League 2020 to take the lead in such a bold decision. Naturally, in a situation where it was forced to do so, the tournament would be invalidated immediately. However, with the rapid progress in health, the reasonable action of the Premier League 2020 season is to wait. Premier League clubs themselves don’t want to handle the season this way.

The Premier League  was hit hard by  Corona Virus (Covid-19) victims like Arteta
The Premier League 2020 was hit hard by  Corona Virus (Covid-19) victims like Arteta

Is it possible to start the 2020/21 season later?

The priority for the Premier League is the end of the 2019/20 season. They wanted to play all 38 rounds so the new season could be delayed later than expected. “According to what is happening, why not?”, A senior FA official commented on this.

Able to compete without an audience?

The reorganization of competition is very important but no matter what, it is always ranked below health. Usually, there is only 1 ambulance in each match to prevent serious injuries. No club wants to add more medical facilities in the current state of stress. Until the pandemic was under control in England, there was no reason to restart games, even if it was held on without an audience on the pitch.

Disturbing the schedule with the European Cup?

EURO 2020 has been postponed to next year and in theory, the league, including the Premier League, has more time to finish the tournament. But even having a full match in the summer does not rule out the possibility that the regular schedule of the Premier League 2020 will be disturbed. For example, a few rounds will be held in the middle of the week to play matches in the Champions League and Europa League on weekends.

Player contract and Techmart Summer

Certainly, there will be flexibility to ensure the rights of the player and the host club, especially with the contract expires in June. Regarding the transfer, FIFA will grant the right to decide for each member union.

The Premier League ball does not roll resulting in many consequences
The Premier League ball does not roll resulting in many consequences

In England and Scotland, the transfer for men started from 10/6 and ended on 1/9. In the UK, the transfer window for female players is open from June 19 and ends on September 10. But when the current season ends, the new season starts, what happens in the middle and the impact of the transfer window on the seasons are FIFA questions “yielding” to unified self-league.

Financial situation

Money matters can not be ignored. On Wednesday, the Association of England leagues (EFL) approved a £ 50m bailout for 71 Championship clubs, League One and League Two – the main revenue-generating tournaments.

The Premier League also supports EFL more than £ 140 million a year to “unite” and develop young football. FIFA is also discussing a support package depending on the impact of each member union in this phase. The FA is in negotiations with the British government on how to support clubs. According to statistics, the Premier League contributes £ 3.3 billion in taxes and provides nearly 100,000 jobs to the UK economy each year.

Are there any decisions about to be made?

This is a million-dollar question. In the present time, it is not. The future of the Premier League 2020 is unlikely to be decided only after a video-call meeting. Other meetings are scheduled for next week.
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