Premier League 2020 is planning to back at the end of April

Taking the Australian National Championship, for example, the British answer the question when is PremierLeague back that Premier League 2020 may return soon.

Despite the unpredictable epidemic in the UK, football organizers of the fog are still optimistic about the possibility of the time when is PremierLeague back and  Premier League 2020  returning as expected.

The Australian League has just been postponed on March 24, but before that it took place normally for 2 months.
The Australian League has just been postponed on March 24, but before that it took place normally for 2 months.

View from A.League – Premier League 2020

In the latest internal meeting between 20 Premier League clubs, the top league tournament schedule for England will return on April 30. The decision of the Premier League organizers was initially identified as “overly optimistic”, as the epidemic situation in England was still very tense.

However, the BBC discloses that English football organizers have taken into account the possibility of when is PremierLeague back that Premier League 2020 will continue to take place in a situation where the epidemic may not have been completely terminated.

The British took the example from Australia, where the government of the country had a time to allow sports tournaments to take place normally in Melbourne, in an audience-free arena.

Together with the Belarus League in Europe, the Australian League (A.League) is one of the few major tournaments in the world that takes place despite the epidemic.

On March 23, the match between Newcastle Jets and Melbourne City was still going on normally. Last week, up to 3 matches of the A.League still took place in the stadium without the audience.

On March 24, the Australian government decided to suspend all kangaroo sports activities. However, the case of A.League in recent years is still the basis for the Premier League to be more confident about continuing matches in an audience-free situation.

Martin Semmens, chief executive of Southampton, said the  Premier League 2020 could return to play even if the government’s blockade has not ended.

“What we do will be within our rights and ensure public safety,” Semmens told the BBC. “When everyone is safe and we don’t have to rely on national resources like the police or the medical staff to make sure everything goes well, I believe the government will want the tournament back to normal. often”.

“If everyone stays at home for a month and the Premier League appears on TV, it would be great. Not because we are more important than the presence of medical staff, but because of the entertainment. that we bring will help people continue to fight, “said Semmens.

Coach Mikel Arteta, who was recently found positive for coronavirus, has declared a cure. In the view of many Premier League clubs, if the players and the players involved are proven healthy, the tournament can continue to play in a “closed” state without spreading the disease.

The Premier League 2020 brings a big revenue to the British economy.
The Premier League 2020 brings a big revenue to the British economy.

Benefits of economic

The BBC believes the British government may offer some “preferred” solutions to the  Premier League 2020 being played back, because of the financial benefits this tournament brings to the British economy. In the 2016/17 season, the Premier League alone earned over $ 3.9 billion in income taxes for the British government.

Financially, the English clubs will suffer heavy losses if the 2019/20 season is canceled midway. Premier League organizers are under great pressure from TV companies to bring the games back.

Earlier, the Premier League has reportedly signed an agreement to allow all games to be broadcast to television stations until July 31. If the season is canceled because of the epidemic, the teams participating in the tournament must pay compensation for TV rights up to nearly 896 million USD.

Many other British newspapers also said the Premier League 2020 is likely to return to play in the period of 2 or 3/5, despite the epidemic situation in the country of fog. The Premier League’s stadiums will be devoid of spectators, and clubs will use all means to ensure the health of the people involved.

Arsenal Arteta coach Arteta announces recovery from coronavirus
Arsenal Arteta coach Arteta announces recovery from coronavirus

Concerns from the player

According to the British Professional Football Association (PFA), most football stars worry about playing too soon. Most of the Premier League stars are isolated at home.

Many players also expressed their opinion that they do not want to play in the field without the audience. However, they have almost no choice if the footballers want to keep going.

“Players worry about the intent of the Premier League organizers,” said PFA Director Gordon Taylor. “Of course, returning to play in late April and early May is not a favorite choice for the players. At this point, everyone needs to consider.”

The anxiety of the players of when is PremierLeague back and the result of the ongoing epidemic in the foggy country. On March 23, Prime Minister Boris Johnson ordered placing the whole of England under a blockade for 3 weeks to prevent the epidemic from spreading strongly in the country.
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