Premier League 2020/21: MU hopes to have a revived dream

In the Premier League 2020/21 in recent days, With Manchester United‘s current force – Solskjaer still has to rely on Bruno Fernandes and the dream of winning the Premier League is within reach?


Premier League 2020/21 : MU's squad has not changed much compared to last season
MU’s squad has not changed much compared to last season

The Premier League 2020/21 only has less than two weeks to start. The first round will take place on September 12, less than 2 months after the old season ends. This is a consequence of the Covid-19 epidemic and partly due to the pressure from the Euro 2021 finals.

The preparation time for teams in Premier League 2020/21 is not much, especially for Manchester United – the club ended the season at the latest due to reaching the semi-finals of the Europa League. Currently, Solskjaer’s teachers and students are still on a short break and only the U18 team has returned to practice. Compared to the remaining 5 teams in the Big 6 group, MU is also stationed in the transfer market.

Despite owning the most rumours before Premier League 2020/21 start, but so far, the only rookie of the “Red Devils” is Dean Henderson, a player back to the team after the end of the loan agreement at Sheffield United. Left, Manchester United‘s first team has not changed yet. The “slow but sure” style in the transfer market is commonplace in Solskjaer. However, is the Norwegian teacher being overly cautious in the context of two seasons being drawn closer than usual?

MU CAN REBORN OR NOT? – Premier League 2020/21

Bruno Fernandes is still the most important player of MU in the new season
Bruno Fernandes is still the most important player of MU in the new season

Basically, Manchester United‘s play in the new season will not change because no pillars go. Even when there are 1 to 2 new contracts, Solskjaer will not change tactics in the Premier League 2020/21. The most important player will still be Bruno Fernandes. The Portuguese midfielder is doing a very good job of sparking attacks and scoring many times himself.

According to the latest information, in the next few days, Manchester United will recruit the first “blockbuster” named Donny Van de Beek. The young Ajax player will be a significant addition in the midfield of the “Red Devils” and will make it easier for coach Solskjaer to rotate and select a squad. However, this deal still has to wait for the official confirmation from the Old Trafford team. If MU cannot buy Jadon Sancho, young talent Mason Greenwood will take the position of right-wing striker. Daniel James was “arrested” so Solskjaer had only one choice. Two positions in attack will naturally belong to Martial and Rashford. In addition, Pogba will also be a key player in the midfield of the “Red Devils”.

Last season proved when Manchester United had enough main team, they were not “fed up” with any team in the Premier League 2020/21. However, the tournament lasted 38 rounds and Solskjaer could not use the whole squad for such a long time. Accumulated fatigue can easily lead to injury and last season is also a prime example. Had it not been for Covid-19 translation, then Pogba and Rashford would have ended the season soon. This indicates that it will be difficult for MU to compete for the Premier League 2020/21 title in the new season with the current force. Perhaps a position in the Top 4 is still a practical goal for coach Solskjaer.