Premier League 2020: 14/20 clubs demanded cancellation

Canceling or not canceling the results of the Premier League 2020 season is becoming the most debated topic of the British press.

14/20 clubs wanted to cancel, Liverpool did not win

The Football Association of England and the Premier League 2020 Organizing Committee confirmed that it is highly likely that the 2019-2020 season cannot end as expected. The Times sources said the amount of the number one tournament the UK lost during the Corona Virus (Covid-19) pandemic could amount to £ 750 million.

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Liverpool players held the breath waiting for a verdict
Liverpool players held the breath waiting for a verdict

When thousands of people were infected with the Corona Virus (Covid-19), including Arsenal’s Arteta coach and player Callum Hudson-Odoi, the Premier League 2020 was forced to postpone until April 3.

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Facing the above situation, Liverpool is the most impatient team. The season has 9 rounds but “The Kop” is only 6 points away from the Premier League 2020 title – equivalent to 2 wins.

According to Sun Sports, the Premier League 2020 organizers will have an emergency meeting with representatives of the clubs on March 19 to make plans for the end of the season.

In case there are 14/20 teams agree to cancel the result, this season will end without any champions or relegation. This means that all efforts of Juregen Klopp and his students will dissolve into clouds and the championship after 30 years of waiting will become a tragedy.

West Ham vice president Karren Brady believes that the 2019/20 season should end soon. The biggest reason is that English football has never experienced such a cruel time after 75 years.

Of course, this idea met fierce opposition from Liverpool fans, who waited for 3 decades to return to the top of English football and had a 99% chance of crowning after leaving the second-ranked team Man. City up to 25 points.

In the latest sharing, Jamie Carragher said that the statements of Brady were unfair, especially when catching an entire season of erasing and reworking. The former Liverpool player also believes the organizers can handle this situation like the 2022 World Cup.

But if the tournament is canceled, the funniest teams are probably Norwich, Aston Villa and Bournemouth while they are in the red light group. In addition Brighton, West Ham, Watford most likely want this to happen as they are also struggling in the relegation race.

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At least 6 teams want to cancel the tournament result
At least 6 teams want to cancel the tournament result

In the opposite direction, teams that are racing the Top 4 like MU, Wolves, Sheffield might be a bit regretful. But for MU fans, witnessing the great rival Liverpool can not ascend the throne will be much more fun than the Top 4 race with Chelsea (3 points) today.

In Italy, Serie A clubs recently rejected a proposal to play play-offs to decide the championship and relegation, after the organizers announced a postponement of the tournament because of the Corona Virus (Covid-19) epidemic.

If the Premier League cancels the tournament: Not MU, suddenly the team will play the C1 Cup

If the Premier League 2020 cancels the result, MU will not attend the Champions League. 

Premier League 2020 clubs will meet earlier this week to discuss solutions for the remainder of the season, after the tournament was postponed due to the Corona Virus (Covid-19) epidemic until April 4. The head of the English Football Association (FA), Greg Clarke, has told big clubs that he doesn’t think the tournament will continue.

The Premier League 2020 is postponed and there are ambiguities about the championship being given to the top team Liverpool
The Premier League 2020 is postponed and there are ambiguities about the championship being given to the top team Liverpool

If that happens, the big question that many people are interested in is the championship, the Champions League and the Europa League, the relegation rates will be decided. This is a special case and if the tournament is canceled, there is a possibility that Liverpool will not win the championship, and three teams in the relegation group will continue to play next season.

But what about the Champions League & Europa League slots? If the cancellation of the result is not recognized, then the ranking order will not be preserved to determine the European Cup qualification, and will instead be based on the order of the rankings of the season 2018/19.

Last season ended with four Champions League places going to Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Tottenham, while Arsenal, MU and Wolves won tickets for the Europa League. The Man City champions were banned by the UEFA European Cup for two seasons, and the Corona Virus (Covid-19) translation also caused the CAS Sports Arbitration Court to postpone the processing of their lawsuit.

Thus, the Champions League qualification will fall to the team ranked fifth last season, which is Arsenal. “Gunners” are currently ranked 9th on the table and eight points from the team to the C1 Cup, besides coach Mikel Arteta was positive for the virus. But the Corona Virus (Covid-19) pandemic and City’s penalty could inadvertently bring Arsenal a ticket back to the Champions League, the tournament they have been absent from 2016/17 season to now.

If the Premier League 2020 cancels and UEFA's penalty against Man City is enforced, Arsenal will qualify for the Champions League
If the Premier League 2020 cancels and UEFA’s penalty against Man City is enforced, Arsenal will qualify for the Champions League

The cancellation of the tournament will, therefore, be of no benefit to MU as many fans of this team “thought it was”, and if the tournament stopped and took the current ranking order to determine the European cuprates (favoring MU) and relegation, most likely Liverpool will also be awarded the championship as the information was given. That’s not to mention that officials who represent the 3 teams in the relegation group will strongly oppose the idea.

Also related to the Premier League 2020’ postponement, if the tournament is canceled, MU may have to pay a fine of £ 22.5 million for Adidas after two consecutive seasons of Champions League interest. The contract between the two parties has a provision that allows Adidas to cut 30% of the sponsorship if MU has not been able to attend the C1 Cup for two consecutive seasons, although there is a possibility that the two sides will sit down to discuss because this is a special case.
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