Postponing EURO This Season 1 Year Is … Not Enough?

The problem of UEFA, as well as the components involved, is not to wait for another year to enjoy the EURO this season. The problem is what they have to do within the next 1 year, to successfully organize EURO 2021, just to resolve the consequences arising from the large tournament move.

Biggest sporting event postponed due to the current pandemic!

The press was so head-on, while the world was spreading the news to each other on Tuesday – the day for the first time in UEFA history to meet online to solve the problem that was too heavy: the existence of EURO this season. Now, when the whole world knows that EURO 2020 officially becomes EURO 2021 when all emotions have settled, please ask straight: what do we know about the last online meeting? Sorry, without even the slightest information!

Everyone knows for sure long ago: of course, the EURO this season cannot happen. And, yes, we know more that it will take place next summer (rather than being canceled). End.

The whole world held their breath, hoping for more important information. All told, they were only told to postpone EURO for 1 year (do not know if there are big ears or hands after breathing off the phone, ending the meeting). Assuming you have UEFA in your hands, you might have decided that, too?

One of the important things that people wait to hear from UEFA is the way the tournament is organized. There is no new information. Actually, there’s the information: no changes! EURO 2021 will still take place in 12 different countries.

The commentator Walter Samuel wrote in the Daily Mail about Michel Platini’s idea of ​​organizing EURO this season throughout Europe – a football criminal literally, with published punishments and appeals. utter failure – is the “rotten idea”. Now, before Europe’s biggest crisis since World War II, that “rotten idea” has become “the end of stupidity,” according to Samuel.

“For all of the players and fans’ health…”. At this point, it is hard to have the courage to read or hear more of these words, every time one has to postpone or cancel an event somewhere in the world because of the pandemic. Is it empty? UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin said that in times like those, the football community needed to show responsibility, unity, solidarity… Samuel was right to see that he needed to add another quality to Ceferin’s slogan. One and only: “UEFA needs a mind!”

Lot suggested that instead of 12 countries and UEFA president Caferin should organize EURO in a country to limit the risks
Lot suggested that instead of 12 countries and UEFA president Caferin should organize EURO in a country to limit the risks

Postponing EURO this season 1 year is … not enough?

Platini has revealed the face too clearly, was expelled from the football world for a long time. But, why not do something that the UEFA minimum needs to do in this situation, is changed to EURO 2021 is organized in a simple way as possible? This is a chance. This may be the only possible place that the wicked pandemic happened to bring.

Still held EURO 21 – say rabid mouth, do not know when that pandemic has left no trace, even destroyed or not – will be held in 12 countries EURO? Still have to stick to economic interests, still use football as politics, even in this situation?

Maybe during the coming years, UEFA and the relevant organizations will be busy working together to unify the fixtures right. EURO 2021 will be “in touch” with the Women’s EURO 2021, the U21 Nations and the European League. It also clashes with the Club World Cup that FIFA plans to host on an expanded scale. Solve that problem, sorry, there is not a day when you are done. Those who are smart and knowledgeable about football sometimes just need to listen and ask and say the solution already.

UEFA will have to do bigger things in the coming year. Solving the interests of donors, table the issue of television rights, for example. This place, we do not discuss it, without sufficient expertise. That certainly is the work of lawyers already. Also hard to say workload that UEFA will do in the next year is more or less.

Decision postponed EURO 1 year seems not very different from the decision to postpone the final two European Cup 1 month. That was responsible!

130. 130 different routes are needed to transport the audience between their home country and the country where the match is held with their team in the group stage (repeat: new group stage only). EURO this season in 12 different countries is like that! All supportersNo wonder, when the common reaction of all components related to European football is to support the UEFA decision, moving EURO this season to 2021. That is even a proposal, calling (as of the Italian Football Federation). ) before the latest UEFA meeting. The English Football Federation, France … immediately declared strong support. Many officials, after announcing their support for the postponement of EURO this season, also said that this was what they thought of so it was not surprising.

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