Possibility of Liverpool being awarded Premier League Champion

In the complicated of Corona Virus (Covid-19), Premier League 2020 season can not continue untill the end of April, Liverpool can still count on being upgraded to the first Premier League Champion 2020 title in history.

Premier League 2020 is not the only postponed tournament

UEFA leaving EURO 2020 back one year means that the European leagues will have more time to finish. The president of the European Football Federation wants the Premier League, Serie A, La Liga. to end by June 30.

However, this is only a desire of UEFA, everything still depends on the disease situation in Europe. Organizers of Premier League 2020 after having more time decided to postpone the tournament at least until April 30.

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According to the Telegraph, the organziers of Premier League 2020 took into account the “worst case”, which is the tournament that cannot continue from now until June because of the Corona Virus (Covid-19) epidemic. Instead of canceling the results of the 2019/20 season, Liverpool will receive the championship immediately without completing the 

Liverpool is only two Premier League wins away from the Premier League Champion 2020 title.
Liverpool is only two Premier League wins away from the Premier League Champion 2020 title. 

Earlier, it was reported that the Premier League 2020 had signed an agreement to allow the broadcast of all matches with BT Sports and Sky Sports until July 31. If the season ends prematurely because of the Corona Virus (Covid-19) epidemic, each participating team must compensate TV royalties up to £ 37 million, for a total of £ 740 million.

The decision to award the Premier League Champion 2020 of Liverpool will always go against the opinion of the UEFA President. Before that, Aleksander Ceferin said the seasons would have to end, then choose the champion. There is no way a club will be awarded the trophy soon.

106 points for Liverpool and their dream

Liverpool can lift the Premier League 2020 on the field without spectators.
Liverpool can lift the Premier League 2020 on the field without spectators.

Elo chart and the recently- high performance of Liverpool

An advanced chart drawn by scientists at Columbia University, USA, to predict the prospects for the end of the season of the Premier League 2020. Accordingly, except for the championship for Liverpool, the remaining races will bring many attractive scenarios.

Manchester City’s defeat to Manchester United helped Liverpool get closer to the Premier League Champion 2020 title. They only need to win 2/9 remaining matches of the season to be enough to win. The teams that will compete fiercely for the ticket to the Top 4 are Chelsea, Manchester United, Sheffield United and Wolverhampton. Meanwhile, in the bottom group, the distance from the 16th to 20th team is only 6 points.

Professor Julien Guyon of Columbia University points out that, at the end of the season, the rankings will be similar to the time before they were delayed because of the Corona Virus (Covid-19) epidemic. With his calculation, Guyon believes that Liverpool can reach the target with 106 points, breaking the record of 100 points Man City has created in 2018. Thereby, 30 years of waiting for The Kop fans will pay off.

The formula of Guyon and his colleagues is based entirely on the strength index of the teams after 29 rounds have passed. Along with that, the schedule of the remaining matches at home and away is also full. For example, this season, how many points did United United win at home, how many points away from home, how many percentage points were held on the ball, how much was the percentage of goals scored based on that number.

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Elo today is more widely applied, especially in esports. Departments use this index to calculate points for each win / loss, thereby making a ranking basis. The calculation of Elo has an advantage in considering the performance of the team. For example, if a team wins 10 matches in a row, the Elo added after each win will be higher than the team that has lost 10 matches in a row and begins to know the smell of victory.

Also calculated by Guyon, Norwich, Aston Villa and Bournemouth are the three names that will say goodbye to the Premier League to play in the First Division.

With Manchester United, the “Red Devils” are expected to finish the season in fifth place with 3 points less than Chelsea. Therefore, it is possible that the ticket to Ole Solskjaer’s Champions League next season and the students will be decided in the Europa League.

The sigh of first-class teams

However, Guyon’s calculation is correct only when the tournament will continue. If in a bad case, the tournament cannot happen again, the unknown game should be decided. On 19.3, the Football Association announced the return of the season to the earliest on April 30 and “will end well”. However, if an epidemic broke out, no one could say anything.

In this regard, many English football experts have suggested opening a new season. 

The 20 teams in the Premier League 2020 still retain their rankings after 29, the championship is given to Liverpool and no team is relegated. 2-3 teams in the First Division will be promoted to the Premier League (the 18th team in the Premier League will play a play-off match with the 3rd place team in the Championship). The new season will have 22-23 teams and will have 3 relegation spots.

This is a very good listening solution for the group “holding the red light” and the first-rate teams. Because, in the Premier League, each rookie team will pocket no less than £ 100 million. This is a dream number, equal to nearly one third of the value of Newcastle United, which can make many teams change their lives.

The cancellation of the Premier League 2020 may be only theoretically true. Corona Virus (Covid-19) pandemic will pass and the ball will continue to roll. Liverpool are still satisfied the dream of 30 years and the leading teams in the First Division are not worried about the prospect of a season of trying to become Premier League Champion 2020.
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