“Point out” the top “assist players” in the Premier League

In football, not every player who scores many goals is the best player. Because, there are interesting things in football that come from the tectonic phase, precise to every centimeter. According to statistics, there are 10 players in the top Premier League assists by the end of the 2018/19 season. Of which, up to 4 people are the legend of Manchester United.

1. Ryan Giggs: Top assists in the Premier League with 162 assists

Topping the list of top Premier League assists is Ryan Giggs. This guy had 24 years playing for Manchester United. Famous for being a versatile player in every position and style of play, the former Welsh midfielder has the speed, technique and no less creativity. Therefore, it is not wrong when he is the first ranked king of the Premier League.

In the Premier League, Giggs has played 632 matches for MU and created 162 assists. This is a new record of this prestigious tournament and it is hard for anyone to break this record.

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Ryan Giggs, Premier League top 1 superstar

2. Cesc Fabregas: 111 assists to create a table

During his prime, Fabregas was always a top-rated player in the Premier League for a precise, flexible striker and pass. The short and medium-range passes of the Spanish midfielder are always very precise. That’s why he was in the top of the Premier League assists.

After 350 matches for Arsenal and Chelsea in the Premier League, Fabregas had 111 assists to create goals for his team-mates. This is the highest tectonic performance of Fabregas ever with 0.32 times/game.

Cesc Fabregas owns 111 assists to create a goal in the English Premier League

3. Rooney: Top assists in the Premier League with 103 assists

In the Premier League season, Rooney was the man who scored the most goals for United and ranked 2nd in Premier League history. With this remarkable achievement, the striker has proved a worthy achievement when ranked 3rd in the Premier League top-list list with 103 appearances after 491 games for MU and Everton. On average, every match he has 0.21 times to create conditions for teammates to score.

Rooney is the most prolific scorer for United and is one of the best stars to top the Premier League assists

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4. Frank Lampard: 102 assists, an average of 0.17 times/game

In terms of construction, Chelsea’s legend is also one of the top players in the Premier League‘s top assist. After 609 appearances in the colors of three clubs, West Ham, Chelsea and Man City, Lampard created 102 goals for himself. On average, each game, the former England player has 0.17 assists for his teammates.

Frank Lampard does not have an average of 0.17 assists for every team

5. Dennis Bergkamp: The ability to pass the ball superbly with 94 times

The talented Dutchman has always shown his superb passing ability despite playing as a striker. In 315 games for Arsenal in the Premier League, Bergkamp had 94 assists. According to statistics, each game Bergkamp has 0.30 passes into the table.

Bergkamp, the talented Dutch player topped the ants in the Premier League with 94 assists

6.  Steven Gerrard: 92 assists, an average of 0.18 times/game

After a total of 504 matches in the Premier League, the exemplary captain of Liverpool has contributed 92 assists to his team and his name is in the top of assists in the Premier League this season. The average number of assists of Gerrard is only 0.18 / game, but this performance is enough to help him reach the top of the tournament history in this category.

Steven Gerrard is highly regarded by professionals, he has 92 assists in creating the table at the most attractive football tournament in England – Premier League

7. David Silva: 83 assists to create a goal

David Silva is one of the witnesses of the history of Man City’s most glorious reign. Joining Valencia in 2010, the Spanish midfielder immediately integrated and became the mainstay of the team with 282 appearances for City in the Premier League and registered in 83 assists.

Man City superstar – Silva

8. James Milner: Own 82 assists to create goals

Experiencing a difficult period before, the player born in 1986 has joined Newcastle and Aston Villa, Man City before going to Liverpool. Milner is among the top 5 players playing and the top of the Premier League assists. After 516 appearances in the Premier League, the midfielder showed tremendous fighting ability and ability to finish and especially pass the ball not bad with 82 assists.

James Milner has the ability to pass the ball not bad with 82 assists

9. David Beckham: 80 assists, an average of 0.30 times/game

If it is possible to stick longer with Man United, perhaps the number of Beckham’s assists has had to surpass the number of 80. In just 265 games, the talented midfielder once made 80 assists, ie each His match has 0.30 passes for teammates to score. Within 11 years on the first team of MU, Beckham has almost every noble title for himself.

Legendary David Beckham has 80 assists to create a table in the English Premier League

10. Teddy Sheringham: 76 assists / 418 appearances

In his career, Sheringham has played in the Premier League in a 5-club shirt. Sheringham is one of the most comprehensive players to score many goals. After a total of 418 appearances in the Premier League, he has 76 assists, ranked in the top of the Premier League assists.

Teddy Sheringham has 76 successful assists in the English Premier League