Pogba closed the future at Man Utd due to Bruno Fernandes?

Contrary to last summer, Paul Pogba now wants to sign a new contract with MU and hopes to shine with Bruno Fernandes in midfield.

In June 2019, during a promotional trip for the Adidas brand in Tokyo, Pogba sparked media coverage with the statement “looking for challenges in a new environment”.

Pogba wants to sign a new contract, though not much contribution to MU this season
Pogba wants to sign a new contract, though not much contribution to MU this season

Being on the fence sine the beginning of the season

Since the beginning of the season, Paul Pogba has only played 8 matches in the Premier League. Obviously, Pogba’s contribution is very limited. Coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has just confirmed Pogba’s situation in the context of the midfield between United is playing quite stable.

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Previously, many sources revealed, the French midfielder repeatedly expressed his desire to leave Man United after the end of this season. Not to mention, representative Mino Raiola also had fierce conflicts with coach Solskjaer in the media.

Pogba closed the future at Man United.
Pogba closed the future at Man United.

In the context that the contract has only 2 years to expire, his ability to bid farewell to Old Trafford in the near future is entirely feasible. However, the latest decision from Pogba may surprise everyone.

Specifically, Sportsmail said Pogba turned 180 degrees to commit to a long-term commitment and is happy to stay at United. Even he is willing to renew new contracts. The fact that  Man Utd played well and have a chance to win tickets to the UEFA Champions League has affected Pogba’s decision.

In addition, the presence of Bruno Fernandes urged Pogba to stay. He is eager to pair with this midfielder. According to the Daily Mail, Pogba will get a salary from £ 300,000 / week to £ 400,000 / week if he renews his contract with  Man Utd.

The appearance of Bruno Fernandes led Pogba to rethink the future

A public brawl between representative Mino Raiola and coach Solskjaer last month sparked news that Pogba will soon leave Old Trafford.

The old club Juventus is ready to spread its arms into welcoming Pogba. While Zidane also wants to bring his compatriot’s juniors to Real Madrid.

Currently, Pogba only has a term of more than one year of contract with the Reds, with the terms of automatic renewal for another 12 months. Sources from Tuttosport said the 26-year-old midfielder himself is still wondering whether to go or stay.

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After MU splashed money to recruit Bruno Fernandes from Sporting Lisbon, Pogba was impressed with the performance of his new teammate.

Pogba personally is eager to appear on the pitch to play with Bruno Fernandes, helping MU to complete important goals at the end of the season.

Bruno Fernades’s presence  triggered his decision
Bruno Fernades’s presence  triggered his decision

 Many Red Devils fans hope, Pogba will regain his inspiration for playing football, matching Bruno Fernandes to become a good duo in the middle frame.

As coach Solskjaer once said, his team is on the right track. If you win tickets to the Champions League, MU will be pumped money to continue adding quality factors such as Jadon Sancho or Jack Grealish.

If that happens, Pogba may change his mind and continue to stick with the Red Devils and is willing to put pen to paper on a new contract at Old Trafford.

Rumors of the French star leaving Old Trafford immediately mushroomed after the rain. Although both Real Madrid, PSG or Juventus are particularly interested, but the MU cause difficulties, offering towering prices of 180 million pounds.

In the 2019/20 season, Paul did not contribute much to the Reds due to a serious ankle injury, missed more than 30 club matches.

Being given the green light by the client, the stork Mino Raiola repeatedly posted an attack on MU and coach Solskjaer, saying that Pogba was being “imprisoned” and could not develop his career.

Many fans believe that Solskjaer needs to be strong with the French student who is the center of trouble, in order to tighten the discipline of the dressing room and increase internal solidarity.

MU also considered the plan to expel Pogba from Old Trafford when he is about to enter the final year of the contract (with the term of automatic renewal for another 12 months).

However, in the latest move revealed by Sportsmail, Pogba suddenly changed his mind, wanting to commit to a long-term future with MU because he saw the transformation of the team under Solskjaer.

The 26-year-old midfielder is determined to prove his ability and confidence that he can rise to become a leader, helping to revive the MU empire.

Pogba is actively training for his return
Pogba is actively training for his return

Pogba himself is also impressed with what Bruno Fernandes has done for the team since arriving at Old Trafford. He is eager to play the talent with his new teammate.

The salary that Pogba is enjoying in Manchester is 290,000 pounds/week. He hopes that if the new contract is signed, the remuneration will increase to £ 400,000 / week.

The Frenchman is actively training to re-appear on the pitch, after a long period of healing. Pogba hopes to be on the registration list to play with Tottenham this weekend.
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