What does Nadal want to play in Roland Garros 2020?

In the case of participating in the Roland Garros 2020 tournament, the “king” of Nadal clay yard wants to ensure a necessary condition.

Roland Garros 2020 missed an appointment with the audience many times

Without the Covid-19 pandemic, now would be the time for the exciting Roland Garros 2020 tournament in France. Initially,  Roland Garros 2020 was planned to be held from 24/5 to 7/6. But the organizers had to postpone to the new schedule from September 29 to October 4.

Roland Garros 2020 continued to delay the schedule
Roland Garros 2020 continued to delay the schedule

Specifically, Due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the organizers of Roland Garros 2020 have moved the antique schedule (May 18 to June 7) to the brand new schedule (September 20 – October 4). This decision was made in mid-March and was considered by many stakeholders to be “selfish” because the organizer of the French tennis federation (FFT) did not consult with anyone. The latest, according to the Le Parisien newspaper, FFT decided to postpone the schedule of Roland Garros 2020 for another week. The tournament will begin on September 27 and stop on October 11. This is the end result of a meeting among the French tennis federation and ATP with WTA.

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Roland Garros’s rescheduling gives players an extra week of rest after the end of the US Open 2020. The US Grand Slam retains the identical schedule (August 31 to September 13). In addition, the 2 different tennis tournaments, the Madrid Open, and the Rome Masters have the possibility to be held for players who do not need to rest between the 2 Grand Slams.

Rafael Nadal wants the audience to ensure safety when watching the tournament

This will be the 124th time this tournament is held Rafael Nadal is the champion of the men’s singles, while Ashleigh Barty will defend the title in the women’s singles. Speaking on French television channel Stade 2, Rafael Nadal expects to bring the 13th title in the condition of cheering the audience when playing. “Currently, football is happening behind closed doors. But if someone asks me if I like it or not, the answer is no. Nothing will replace the public presence and the energy it creates. ”

Rafael Nadal wants the audience to come to the field but must ensure it is safe
Rafael Nadal wants the audience to come to the field but must ensure it is safe

Although acknowledging this, Rafael Nadal still believes that security measures will be needed to avoid the risk of infection with the coronavirus pandemic. If everything is ready, the Spanish player can join the game peace of mind “In my opinion, health and health will be the top tasks. Every tournament needs to have the highest level of professionalism from this step. It is the same with Roland Garros, if I can play in optimal conditions and absolute safety, I will be there and ready to join other players.

We will be vigilant and ready to agree with the decisions to ensure the safety and health of everyone in tennis” Rafael Nadal closed. Sharing the plan of “practicing the exercises” to regain his performance in the past, the “king” of clay yard said he is gradually regaining the pace and practicing some days of the week to stay in shape.

If champion Roland Garros this year, Rafael Nadal will balance the number of Grand Slam titles (20) with Roger Federer and increase the total number of titles won on the clay court in France to 13.