MU Cherished Super Plan Pogba – Bruno Fernandes

During the time when English football did not play because of the Covid-19 pandemic, coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and MU coaching team had a plan for Paul Pogba – Bruno Fernandes duo.

MU cherished super plan Pogba – Bruno Fernandes

Like English and Premier League clubs, all MU’s competition and training activities will be “frozen” until April because of the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, many individuals benefit from this as Paul Pogba.

During the time MU stopped playing, coach Solskjaer cherished plans to use the Pogba duo - Bruno Fernandes
During the time MU stopped playing, coach Solskjaer cherished plans to use the Pogba duo – Bruno Fernandes

The French midfielder was in fact preparing to return after missing most of the season due to a foot and ankle injury (playing only 8 matches in all competitions). Now, he will have more time to recover and regain form, physical strength.

After Covid-19 will “turn dragon”?

Express newspaper revealed, coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is ready to welcome Pogba back, even intending to hold private tactical meetings with his beloved son during the time off. Specifically, the Norwegian strategist wants to use the boy in a whole new role.

Pogba’s preferred position is to deviate the midfield in the 4-3-3 chart or to the household in the 4-3-2-1 scheme. However, recently, MU is sublimating with the 3-4-1-2 scheme, in which rookie Bruno Fernandes is too good to play the “conductor” role that Pogba left.

Landing MU from Sporting Lisbon in the winter transfer period, the Portugal midfielder has for himself 3 goals, 4 assists after 9 games, contributing to the unbeaten MU throughout this time. Therefore, Solskjaer was forced to find the best way to use Pogba without “stomping” on Bruno Fernandes.

Recently, many sources confirmed that Pogba has abandoned plans to part with MU (the old contract expires in the summer of 2021) after seeing the “Red Devils” rise again. Even the World Cup champion is extremely excited about the prospect of wing alongside Bruno Fernandes.

Pogba needs time to regain his form, get used to the new tactical scheme as well as share his influence with Bruno Fernandes. However, if Solskjaer’s plan succeeds, the “Red Devils” will become a team to watch in the future thanks to the combination of the two best attack stars in Europe.

Bruno Fernandes wants to follow Ronaldo’s example

Bruno Fernandes and Ronaldo are close teammates in Portugal. In the winter transfer window in 2020, the impact from Ronaldo helped Fernandes decide to leave Sporting Lisbon to join United.

“Ronaldo welcomed me in Portugal. The players on the team always consider Ronaldo idol, me too. I want to follow Ronaldo’s example. He once said when I went to Portugal: I like what you do at Sporting Lisbon. The words that come from Ronaldo are different, ”Goal quoted Fernandes.

Bruno Fernandes is expected to protect Ronaldo with the EURO title.
Bruno Fernandes is expected to protect Ronaldo with the EURO title.

The Portuguese midfielder made an impact immediately after joining MU. He received the title of the best player of the month at the club. Recently, Fernandes was awarded the title of the best player by the Premier League in March.

Bruno Fernandes has started five matches in the Premier League, scored 2 goals and made 3 assists. In the Europa League, he played 3 matches, scored a goal and an assist. Fernandes is the biggest inspiration in the MU game when performing an average of 2.5 situations creating chances per game.

“When coming to MU for medical examination, everything impressed me. At the MU training ground, you can find everything. Before every match, you hear nothing in the tunnel of Old Trafford. And when he walked out into the yard, great sounds came. Old Trafford and San Siro are two football fields with a heroic history in Europe”, Bruno Fernandes continued.

Fernandes has played 19 matches for Portugal since 2017. He and Cristiano Ronaldo, Bernardo Silva are Portugal’s main attacking trio towards EURO 2020.
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