CS: GO – The Secret To Choosing A Suitable Pistol For Each Situation

In fact, many CS: GO gamers have been wondering that, in rounds, they must use a pistol, how should they choose a gun?

The pistol round is one of the most important rounds in CS: GO. Winning that round will give us no small economic advantage to be able to win the next 2 rounds easily.

On the other hand, good pistol shooting will help you play well in the “eco” round (when you lose the previous round and do not have money to buy big guns). So, in round competitions that use this type of gun, how should you choose your gun?

On the CT side

The Secret To Choosing A Suitable Pistol For Each Situation

You will start the match with $ 800. This money is not enough to buy “genuine” guns, but can help you buy a new gun (except R8) or buy other equipment (armor, kit, grenades …).

Currently, in most professional games and in normal rank games, we often see gamers who choose to use the basic gun and use that money to buy armor, and one person in the team will buy a kit and some grenades. The two basic pistols of the CT faction are very strong.

USP gives you the ability to “1 shot 1 kill” at any distance if you can shoot in the head (because certainly the T side will not be able to buy armor). However, its meager ammunition is a large minus point, especially for players who lose their temper and shoot less accurately.

P2000 has a little more ammunition, allowing you to spam as well as punch the door, helping to buy time waiting for the support of teammates.

On the T side – Pistol

The Secret To Choosing A Suitable Pistol For Each Situation

The choice of guns in round pistol on the T side is not much different from the CT side. Most gamers choose to use Glock and buy armor. Glock is a very suitable gun for running and firing, something you will do very often when on the T side in this first round.

A common tactic is that one will buy armor and the other will throw him a Tec-9. The gunman will use Glock and buy himself a Flash and a Smoke to deploy the strategy. This buying method helps the T side to have 4 people with pistols and armor, of which 1 person owns a huge pistol.

In the eco round – Pistol

The Secret To Choosing A Suitable Pistol For Each Situation

Winning the eco rounds in CS: GO has become easier than it was in CS1.6. The CT faction gives you plenty of options during the eco rounds. The P250 is a very cheap gun ($ 300), but it gives you the ability to quickly destroy targets at close range with the ability to destroy enemies with armor in just one hit.

ive-Seven is like an upgraded P250 with more ammo and better armor penetration. Spam bullets will be easier because you don’t have to worry as much as “running out of gas” like P250.

Z75 is also a good gun if you can stand by the corners and wait for the enemy to pass. However, the high cost, the low reward, and the low ammunition make this pistol less popular than the Five-Seven.

In contrast to the CT faction, the Tec-9 seems to be the most obvious choice in the eco-friendly round on the T-side. The high ammunition and rate of fire make the Tec-9 a true monster. with the ability to create miracles. It is normal to lose a round where T buys 5 Tec-9s with rush B armor and grenades.

The P250 is also a good choice with its good headshot.

One final choice (for both sides) that we can’t help but mention is the legendary Desert Eagle. There is no happier feeling than being able to “juan-deag” (1 hit headshot) of enemies with this silver pistol.

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