PFA recommends reducing match time in the Premier League 2020

Premier League 2020 matches that can be played in less than 90 minutes is one of the proposals made for the season to continue.

PFA recommends reducing match time in the Premier League 2020

Shorten the time for each game

According to the Daily Mail, top Premier League 2020 officials are considering some measures to improve the safety of players and staff in the context of the crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic. Professional Player Association (PFA) Executive Director Gordon Taylor proposes to shorten the time for each game.

PFA recommends reducing match time in the Premier League 2020
Mr. Taylor suggested that each match played less than 90 minutes.

“We still don’t know the future of the tournament. What we can do is come up with ideas. Games can be less than 45 minutes each half, play on neutral ground and have many other ideas. “We are trying to wait and see if the proposals get support from coaches and players,” Daily Mail quoted Mr. Taylor as saying.

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When asked about how many players could change the playing time, Taylor added: “There are many possibilities. Ideally, you want to keep the integrity of the game and the game. Of course, the first leg and the first round. However, above all, the season needs to be completed safely. “

With that, Mr. Taylor denied that relegation risk teams wanted to cancel the tournament. He confirmed that bringing the EPL 2020 back in June is still the goal.

The EPL 2020 organizers are looking for ways to get back to the tournament as soon as possible. However, Sergio Aguero revealed he and most of the players were scared if he returned to play too early. This can put the players’ friends and family in danger.

The Premier League sets the criteria for pitch selection for the rest of the season

Premier League 2020 teams will play on neutral ground for the rest of the season. The selected courts must ensure some criteria for the organizers.

According to the Guardian, about 8-10 stadiums will be selected by the EPL 2020  organizers. Football teams will not play on their home turf. This is advice from the British police and not every team supports this.

Brighton's Apex yard is separate from the residential area.
Brighton’s Apex yard is separate from the residential area.

The grounds were selected after the authorities checked safety regulations to ensure the distance between people and avoid contact with the community. At the moment, Etihad (Man City) and Apex (Brighton) are the top priorities because they are located away from residential areas as well as help limit the movement of clubs.

In addition, Premier League 2020 teams also consider many options to ensure the health of players and staff as well as not affecting the community. Each team will actively buy multiple Covid-19 testers for £ 36,000.

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All equipment used for competition such as corner flagpole, golf pole, positioning system are disinfected before and after use by staff wearing protective equipment.

At this point, the Premier League 2020 organizers and the teams show they are ready to finish the rest of the season. However, this is only possible with the approval of the British government and EPL 2020.

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