Pepe Reina talks about the horrors of fighting against pandemic

Goalkeeper Pepe Reina recounted his terrifying experience with Covid-19 infection.

Goalkeeper playing for Aston Villa on loan from AC Milan, Pepe Reina described his terrifying battle against COVID-19.

“25 minutes without oxygen”

Veteran goalkeeper Pepe Reina, the 2006 FA Cup final champion of Liverpool, is one of the players who have been infected with the Covid-19 virus in recent times. Currently playing in England on loan at Aston Villa from AC Milan, Reina said he had to experience a terrifying memory with this pandemic.

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Last week, Pepe Reina revealed he had symptoms of COVID-19 infection and had to isolate himself at home in Birmingham, England. Now he has begun to recover and does not leave home after 18 days.

Pepe Reina had to fight the Covid-19 virus
Pepe Reina had to fight the Covid-19 virus

The Premier League has been postponed since March 13, and although the plan is to return to play from April 30, Reina thinks that will not come true because the Covid-19 pandemic really makes everyone’s health be worryingly threatened.

“Only recently have I felt that I am about to overcome this disease. The most difficult moment for me was when I felt like I could not breathe, for 25 minutes I ran out of oxygen. Those were the long minutes of fear, as if my throat was closed, ”Reina told Corriere dello Sport.

“Those were the worst moments of my life, great tiredness after the first symptoms of the virus. Now football is secondary, I don’t care. Everyone’s health is the first priority ”.

“I was so tired after experiencing the first symptoms of the virus,” Reina said. “A fever, a dry cough, and a headache never goes away. The feeling of fatigue goes on and on.”

“The only real fear came when I realized that I was lacking in deep oxygen. For a few minutes, as if suddenly my throat was closed. As a result, I spent the first six or eight days indoors.

I told the doctors about the symptoms of this disease. Although there was no official confirmation, everything indicated that I was infected with COVID-19. “

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A strong will and good-responsible medication help Reina recover.

Reina has recovered.
Reina has recovered.

Pepe Reina had previously expressed dissatisfaction when the Premier League did not postpone the tournament earlier than before the epidemic began to spread in England. “I support playing when everyone is safe and all conditions are met. Football now no longer matters, whether the tournament is completed or not is no longer a priority, ”he commented.

“I know there are economic interests that exist in football, but there are many other aspects that exist and to maintain them, people have to be healthy. Premier League back kicking from 30/4 does not sound like a possibility, I think we will have to fight the pandemic longer.” the talented goalkeeper,  Pepe Reina shared.

The Premier League is one of many global tournaments currently suspended in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. The day when the leagues return to play is unknown due to the widespread outbreak. There are currently more than 850,580 confirmed cases of COVID-19 infection globally, in at least 180 countries.
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