Paulo Dybala Will Become Juventus ‘New Del Piero’

Juventus appreciates Paulo Dybala‘s revival this season and will decide to make him the team’s new “Del Piero” with the number 10 shirt on his back. As soon as Paulo Dybala is healthy, the team will contact to propose a contract extension.

Paulo Dybala Will Become Juventus 'New Del Piero'

Dybala will become Juventus ‘new Del Piero’

Recently, Paulo Dybala and his girlfriend were diagnosed positive for the global epidemic and this player is isolated, treated in Turin. The Argentinian striker was among the three characters of Team 1 Juve with pandemic virus along with Daniele Rugani and Blaise Matuidi. On the social media channels of Juventus, Dybala insists he is much better and is on the way to recover from this evil disease.

When being healthy, Paulo Dybala will wait for a call from Juventus leadership. According to the Italian press, before the outbreak of the pandemic, Juve leadership decided to invite Dybala to extend the contract for an additional 3 years, to 2025. After the crisis of the style of coach Max Allegri, President Andrea Agnelli, General Director Fabio Paratici and Vice President Pavel Nedved were both impressed with the revival of Dybala under Maurizio Sarri. So far this season, Paulo Dybala has scored 7 goals and has 4 assists in Serie A, plus 3 goals and 2 more assists in the Champions League.

This style makes Juve bosses believe that Paulo Dybala wants to spend the peak of his career at the club. Allegri’s rich physical play almost drove Dybala out of the plan that led to the striker’s frustration, and in the Summer 2019 transfer window, he almost moved to Manchester United. However, Sarri’s 4-3-1-2 scheme kept Paulo Dybala behind, and the player proved he was not out of time in Turin.

Dybala is the heir to the legendary No. 10 shirt of Del Piero (small picture) at Juventus
Dybala is the heir to the legendary No. 10 shirt of Del Piero (small picture) at Juventus

If he nodded on the new offer, Paulo Dybala would get a raise and would play for Juve until he was 32. The salary of 7.3 million euros/year that he is receiving will be raised to 10 million euros/year, making Dybala the second highest salary in Juve, just behind Cristiano Ronaldo (31 million euros/year). But Ronaldo will only play 1-2 more seasons and then leave, while Dybala will stay to receive the captain’s armband from Giorgio Chiellini and Leonardo Bonucci when these two generals are retired. It was a huge favor that Juve put in the proposal, to persuade the 26-year-old boy.

The nearest captain of Juve’s No. 10 shirt is Alex Del Piero, the legendary 705 matches for the club. Thus, if Dybala stays, he will become the “new Del Piero”. This is another noble intangible value received by the left-footed player, which many other “10s” have tried but failed to achieve.

Juve has a tradition of betraying the numbers 10. Most recently, Paul Pogba was sold to MU as soon as the price. Carlos Tevez also left, at a time when he was still at his peak for a few more seasons. Roberto Baggio was sold to Milan in 1995, amid Juventini protests after the legend rejected a 50% pay cut. Zinedine Zidane, perhaps referred to as another “number 10”, although wearing the number 21 shirt at Juve, was also sold to Real Madrid in a costly deal in 2001.

In general, going on the path of the Juve “No. 10” is an uneasy experience. But it is a prestigious road because it will turn this anonymous boy into the history of Juventus, something Paulo Dybala is not easily accessible to any big man. Predictably, this striker will accept to stay. A signature on the new agreement ensured 50% success for the rest of Dybala’s career.

Dybala has not recovered

So far, Paulo Dybala has not recovered from the pandemic. On 1/4, the striker’s girlfriend demanded to go home because she was unhappy with the medical work in Turin. However, Dybala will remain in Italy until negative for the pandemic. The striker has become stronger, can train slightly after confiding to feel shortness of breath, aches and pains all over the body.

1 – The prestigious statistical website transfermarkt valued Dybala at the present time at about 90 million euros. He is currently the most valued player in Team 1 Juve. Ronaldo’s transfer price, also according to transfermarkt, is only 75 million euros.

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