Paul Pogba Wore Juventus Shirt, Surprised By The Reason

Paul Pogba has just teased the MU team and the “Red Devils” fans when revealing the intention to reunite Juventus and stand side by side with Cristiano Ronaldo. What is the true purpose of this “burning ants” act of a star with many French disabilities?

Paul Pogba angered MU fans: Wearing Juventus shirts

Video of Paul Pogba wearing a Juventus shirt teasing MU fans:

Expected to shine this season at MU but what Paul Pogba has been doing at Old Trafford makes many manucians feel frustrated. The 27-year-old French midfielder of Guinea is still in the process of recovering a persistent ankle injury but he has just taken a “reckless” action that provoked the home team and the “Red Devils” fan amid the future context. This summer is still a big question mark.

Specifically, on his personal Instagram page, Paul Pogba has publicly posted a video clip of him wearing Juventus shirts – the former team that gave this midfielder the shine that he always wanted to reunite.

Pogba is still on the payroll but dares to wear the Juventus shirt to practice provoking “Red Devils” fans

In this shocking video, the French star won the World Cup in 2018 practicing to pass the ball and sprinting comfortably in the famous white and black striped dress of “Old Lady of Turin”. The humorous caption is the new training area is named … isolation yard, open 24/7. Wishing everyone happy working at home.

And the surprising reason?

More agile, Paul Pogba was able to explain: “I know the observant people will talk about the Juventus shirt. I just want to encourage my friend, nothing more. Come on Blaise Matuidi, Albin Ekdal, every player and everyone around the world. Be healthy and safe. “

Pogba wore a Juve shirt printed with his countryman Matuidi on the pretext of supporting this player against Covid-19 when he was isolated.

To less “bored”, Paul Pogba invited his teammate Victor Lindelof to practice with and fans can be less strict with the French midfielder when the Swedish midfielder of MU also wears a shirt of Sampdoria printed Ekdal. Like Matuidi, Ekdal was also confirmed positive for Covid-19.

Pogba may want to “make color” when wearing a Juve shirt with the name of his fellow Frenchman Matuidi – who has just become the second Juve player to be positive for Covid-19 (after center-back Daniele Rugani) and is isolated.

However, this action of a player who was bought by MU in the summer of 2016 for a record of 105 million euros is being considered an act of “adding fuel to the fire” that many MU fans are seeking for this club to promote him right away. This summer against rookie Bruno Fernandes is playing too well when replacing the injured Paul Pogba.

Pogba despite recovering from injury, it is difficult to regain the main stone position at United from rookie Bruno Fernandes

Many “Red Devils” fans commented critically and sarcasm right below the video clip of Paul Pogba in Juventus training:

– Very interesting. Playing for United, getting paid from United and training in Juve.

– An act of disrespect to Man United. That’s how you lost your fans. #Pogba go away!

– An action that cannot be worse than that of a professional player. Publicly upload videos of other team shirts on social networks. I really want Man United to get rid of this clown as quickly as possible.

Obviously, with the last foolish action, the image of Paul Pogba is getting worse and worse in the eyes of Old Trafford’s fans. It is not known that the “Red Devils” will sell this midfielder as soon as this season ends to significantly save the salary and change the dressing room.