Paul Pogba Shines, Bringing MU To The Top Of The Premier League

Man Utd climbed to number 1 in the Premier League for the first time in mid-season since post-Sir Alex Ferguson after a 1-0 win over Burnley thanks to Paul Pogba.

Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba shines, bringing Manchester United to the top of the Premier

8:15 pm January 12, Man Utd had a match to compensate for the first round of the Premier League 2020/21 against Burnley, coach Solskjaer and his students did not miss the chance to win 3 points to rise to the top of the rankings.

According to Opta’s statistics, the last time Man Utd won first place after 17 rounds, they won the Premier League. That was in the 2012/13 season when Sir Alex Ferguson was still in office.

At Turf Moor, Burnley entered quite confidently, creating a good posture against Man Utd. Therefore, it took 17 minutes before Man Utd got the first goal towards the home team’s goal.

In the first half, Man Utd held the ball 66% but met many difficulties before the close play of Burnley player.

The most notable situation of the first half took place in the 36th minute with a powerful header from Harry Maguire to hit Pope goalkeeper after Shaw’s lane but the goal was not recognized because of a push error.

Paul Pogba

At difficult times, Paul Pogba’s flashy moment made a difference in the 71st minute. Receiving Rashford’s cross, Paul Pogba launched a one-touch volley right in the Burnley penalty area, the ball passed James Tarkowski, changing the direction to beat the goalkeeper Pope.

Burnley had to rush to find the equalizer but only knew how to use the lucky ball crossings into De Gea’s goal. However, these passes did not pass Bailly, Maguire and De Gea.

If Martial made good use of the opportunity given by Cavani in the 90 + 4 minute, Man Utd would have added another goal. However, a 1-0 victory is enough for coaches Solskjaer and his students to officially take first place after round 17 with 3 more points than Liverpool.