Paul Pogba: It’s time for a new start in Man United

Today, Paul Pogba will turn 27. Over the past few years, the problems of the French midfielder at Manchester United have been mostly associated with future stories or attitudes, or even hairstyles. But now, is it time for a new beginning?

Manchester United

In the worst case, if this European football season officially closes, this is a failed season for individual Paul Pogba.

The Frenchman is still on leave from the end of December and has not once returned. Previously, he had suffered an ankle injury since early October and returned to Watford’s trip to Vicarage Road in mid-December. However, Pogba also only played one more round before the problem at His back ankle forced him to sit out until this point.

And like the previous seasons, since returning to the Old Trafford team, the problems related to his future have always been a matter of great attention. At the end of last season and during the summer transfer window, there were times when the public thought that Pogba was ready to become a Real Madrid player. In the end, there was no transfer, Pogba remained in England until now.

And just a month ago, the French midfielder was once again rumored to leave, despite his injury. In the media, representative Mino Raiola did not hesitate to assert: “Pogba feels Italy is home. Italy is like his second home or family, this is like Ibrahimovic. That’s why Paul wants to return to Juventus. 

Speaking to the media, coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer said that Pogba is a United player, not Raiola and the super agent should know what to say. In response to social media, Raiola countered the Norwegian military leader that Pogba belonged to no one, “Paul is Paul’s Pogba” and “Paul is not his prisoner”.

Meanwhile, the 2018 World Cup champion made all doubts about his injury as well as his recovery process. Pogba didn’t play, but fans wondered why he saw him dancing at his brother Florentin Pogba’s wedding or running at a basketball court. Pogba did not once speak out, but his actions plus representatives’ speeches made everyone feel he wanted to leave the “Theater of Dreams”.

On the BT Sport studio in a commentary, former player Rio Ferdinand said that Pogba should have raised his opinion to smash rumors. You have to be yourself. Your statement is the most important, do not let your representative speak. Give up the representative. You need to speak up and clarify the situation to the fans where you are, your teammates know where you are, the club, the coach and the most important people know where you are.

Manchester United
Manchester United

We need to talk a little bit about the transfer of Manchester United. Perhaps not difficult to realize in the last 2 seasons, the policy of “Red Devils” has changed a bit. In previous seasons, the team always had contracts with the players who established themselves in the big teams: Nemanja Matic, Alexis Sanchez, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Paul Pogba, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Angel Di Maria.

This season, they successfully recruited two contracts with the highest transfer value are Harry Maguire and Bruno Fernandes.

They are all professional players and have been actively contributing to the club, but before that, they were not famous stars. And so far, Pogba is the leftover player of Manchester United‘s star transfer policy.

The day Pogba returned to Old Trafford with a huge transfer, Manchester United implemented a very large media plan called “Pogback”. But it was the pampering of the team that made Pogba’s ego go out of control. If under the “iron hand” of Sir Alex Ferguson, Pogba would have been mounded into the framework.

David Beckham previously told the story after having quite a rebellious mohawk hairstyle, he had to wear a wool cap all day because he did not want to be discovered by the Scottish military. However, when he walked out to the training ground, he had to take off his hat and couldn’t hide his teacher anymore. Beckham was immediately asked to go to a barber without an excuse.

Sir Alex’s steel discipline did not always bring a positive effect, but at United, he was charismatic and in a position to restrain unruly horses. After he retired, Manchester United no longer had that. Jose Mourinho used to be very tough with Pogba, but the performance of the team became worse and worse and as a result, the position of “The Special One” was pulled down. And so on, the future of the French midfielder is always a never-ending story.

Manchester United
Manchester United

However, in recent times, Pogba has shown signs of wanting to stay with United. After winning the city derby, he wrote on social media “Red Manchester”. The Daily Mail also said that Bruno Fernandes’ arrival made him anxious to return to stand by his new teammate.

After all, should we believe it is time for Paul Pogba to make a new start at Old Trafford? Admittedly, Pogba is still one of the best players in Man United‘s current squad. With Pogba, the midfield of Man United has more flexibility and creativity.

The motivation to play with Fernandes was the basis for believing he was keen to contribute more to the team and coach Solskjaer himself wanted both of them to play together.Therefore, when the football world returns to its reels, hopefully, we will see a Paul Pogba with a more desirable head. Then we will no longer just mention him about new hairstyles.