‘Paul Pogba dodges so he doesn’t have to play for MU’

Graeme expert Souness commented that Paul Pogba sought to not play for Man United is ethical.

When Pogba came back, coach Solskjaer will have to deal with a difficult task.

Graeme Souness appreciated Paul Pogba ‘s talent.

In an interview with The Times recently, expert Graeme Souness appreciated Paul Pogba ‘s talent. However, the Liverpool legend also criticized the attitude of the French midfielder in the Manchester United shirt.

Pogba has absolutely everything to be the top player in the world with great athletic qualities and super technical, but his attitude of play is negative,” Souness commented.

Paul Pogba is said to pretend to be injured and refuses to play for Man United.
Paul Pogba is said to pretend to be injured and refuses to play for Man United.

Souness also said that Pogba’s trying to find ways to not play for MU is ethical.

Pogba comes out with a thought in his mind: I will show everyone how outstanding I am today and will be the star of the game,” the Liverpool legend continued. “I was taught: Go on the pitch, play harder than the opponent and see where things will go. He dodged so he didn’t have to play.”

In the 2019/20 season, Paul Pogba has just played 8 games (610 minutes) and has 2 assists. Currently, the French midfielder in the process of recovering from injuries after ankle surgery and must take a long-term break.

However, COPE insisted Pogba no longer had difficulty moving, could fully train normally, but refused to play for Man United for fear of relapse.

Pogba’s future at United is a big question mark. The Daily Mail reported that he could join Real Madrid or Juventus for € 150 million in the summer of 2020. This money could help Man United easily find alternatives in the transfer market and invest in the club. Other positions in the squad.

Pogba came back and the headache of coach Solskjaer

When the Premier League returned, it was time for MU to serve Paul Pogba. However, where does Solskjaer coach have to arrange the French midfielder in the current stable line-up?

Paul Pogba has not been in Man United’s squad since “Boxing Day”, when he suffered an injury and had to make way for Scott McTominay against Newcastle in the Premier League in late December 2019. The French midfielder has had ankle surgery and is expected to return if the national championships are not suspended because of the epidemic.

Integrating Paul Pogba into the current Man Utd squad is a difficult problem for Solskjaer coach.
Integrating Pogba into the current Man Utd squad is a difficult problem for Solskjaer coach.

Prior to the arrival of Bruno Fernandes at Old Trafford, MU  supporters were looking forward to his comeback in the midst of a midfield injury crisis. However, at this time, the trio Fred – McTominay – Bruno is helping teachers and coach Solskjaer on the right track and climbed to 5th on the Premier League rankings.

Pogba’s return to the squad is only a matter of time, especially when the midfielder has conditions to recover because the tournament has not returned. The Norwegian strategist will soon face the question of how to bring him into the current lineup. Because recently, coach Solskjaer confirmed that he wants to keep the French midfielder at Old Trafford.

1. Lineup 4-2-3-1

The 4-2-3-1 squad featured Paul Pogba
The 4-2-3-1 squad featured Pogba.

This is the favorite diagram of coach Solskjaer recently. He let rookie Bruno play as an attacking midfielder, with the cover of Fred and McTominay.

The positive side is that Man United will easily impose an offensive position on the opponent, with a fastball control, thanks to the rich-speed duo Anthony Martial and Daniel James on the wings.

2. Lineup 4-3-3

Lineup 4-3-3
Lineup 4-3-3

Coach Solskjaer rarely uses the 4-3-3 scheme because it makes Man United tend to be unbalanced. The middle line of “Red Devils” then will be a combination of 2 offensive players and 1 defensive player or vice versa.

3. Lineup 4-1-2-1-2

The advantage of this scheme is that no one in the midfield three who is shining at MU has to leave to make room for Paul Pogba. Coach Solskjaer can arrange McTominay to play the lowest, Pogba left, Fred right and rookie Bruno at the top of the diamond. The quartet will support strikers Martial or Greenwood and Ighalo.

Lineup 4-1-2-1-2
Lineup 4-1-2-1-2

4. Lineup 3-4-2-1

Lineup 3-4-2-1
Lineup 3-4-2-1

In big matches, the Norwegian strategist is not afraid to try new and effective solutions. Typically winning against Chelsea and Man City in the Premier League.

This diagram also helps coach Solskjaer take advantage of the creativity of both Paul Pogba and Bruno when Fred and McTominay are arranged as a defensive task. In addition, the 3-man defense will contribute to relieve the defensive pressure for the two wingers, facilitate the duo to rise and make the ball hanging into the restricted area towards Ighalo, who can Ideal picture for playing highball.

When the Premier League returns, Man Utd will face Tottenham Hotspur, the competitor for the Champions League ticket next season, in the last match. It is a bit risky if coach Solskjaer let Pogba start immediately in case the player recovers.

However, the next 5 matches will be an opportunity for the Norwegian strategist to test. Because, the Old Trafford team only has to meet opponents such as Sheffield United, Brighton, Bournemouth.
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