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  • Stepanova and costume performance misleading early 2019

    Sports News 13/5: Angel skating “piercing” makes fans blush

    (Sports news) After being noisy by sensitive clothes, Russian female skater again received bad news. In the beginning of 2019, the world skated when witnessing a sexy performance by 24-year-old Alexandra Stepanova and her co-star Ivan Bukin on the ice. Through subtle soft movements, they narrated a romantic couple story that impressed the audience, but …

  • Football News For Today: Mbappe Is Usain Bold In Football

    Football News For Today: Mbappe Is Usain Bold In Football

    Mbappe is Usain Bold in football; Ozil decided not to leave Arsenal; Balotelli is called the disgrace of Liverpool … the football news for today. Football News for today: Mbappe is Usain Bold in football – PSG midfielder Ander Herrera likened his junior, striker Kylian Mbappe to “Usain Bold in football”. According to Herrera, “looking …

  • Juventus Plans To Sell Higuain Early

    News For Today: Juventus Plans To Sell Higuain Early

    Premier League can kick back on 1/6; Juventus plans to sell early Higuain; Barca wants to buy Cucurella … the news for today. News for today: Juventus plans to sell Higuain early – The top sports in the UK, including the Premier League, may return as soon as June 1 instead of June 12 as …

  • News: Arsenal And Chelsea FC Compete For PSG's 'New Messi'

    News: Arsenal And Chelsea FC Compete For PSG’s ‘New Messi’

    Arsenal and Chelsea FC compete “New Messi”, Roma wants Moise Kean, Dortmund to hunt for young stars of Chelsea FC … is the news for today. Arsenal and Chelsea FC compete for PSG’s ‘new Messi’ – According to The Sun, Arsenal and Chelsea FC are starting the race to sign Kays Ruiz-Atil, PSG’s 17-year-old talent …

  • Louis van Gaal relentlessly directed criticism at Ed Woodward (right).

    Criticizing Man United leader, Van Gaal was strongly countered

    Louis van Gaal, despite announcing the end of his career in early 2017, the 68-year-old Dutch tactician has not stopped bitter about his bad ending at Man United and constantly blamed the vice president executive director Ed Woodward. Van Gaal once again used harsh words to target the No. 1 executive of Old Trafford Most …

  • Ronaldinho was praised by his former teammate better than Messi

    News: Old Teammates Praised Ronaldinho Is Better Than Messi

    HOT football news updated: “Ronaldinho is better than Messi” is a statement from an Argentine star who was a former teammate of Ronaldinho. There is also much other interesting news. Old teammates praised Ronaldinho is better than Messi Martin Cardetti, the former Argentine striker who had time to play with Ronaldinho at PSG said that …

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