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  • The Olympic Tokyo 2020 volleyball opens on July 25

    The Olympic Tokyo 2020 volleyball opens on July 25

    Recently, the World Volleyball Federation (FIVB) has officially finalized the schedule of volleyball at the Olympic Tokyo 2020, after selecting enough 12 men’s and 12 women’s teams on continents to win the right to participate. projected. On July 25, the men’s content will start, while the women’s content will take place one day later (starting …

  • Canada Volleyball

    Volleyball Canada is the first team to miss Olympics Tokyo 2020

    Concerned about the issue of the COVID-19 influenza pandemic, the Canadian sports delegation announced that it would not send any athletes of this country to the Olympics Tokyo 2020 Games, and thus Canadian volleyball will be absent. Men’s Canadian Volleyball Team It can be said that Canadian volleyball is one of the candidates for any …

  • volley-sea 1


    Lausanne, Switzerland, November 29, 2019 – The calendar year is almost over but there’s still time for one more challenge in 2019 for several teams participating in the biennial SEA Games in Manila, Philippines. The regional multi-sport event introduces a talented crop of players that will show off their talents to a worldwide audience and …

  • volleyball-legend 1

    Players of the Century

    There have been some great volleyball players over the years, but it is very difficult to compare players from different eras, as they never get to play head to head, under the same conditions. The greatest players can come from all types of volleyball – indoor or beach, males and females. Read this article for …

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