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  • Mayweather satirizes McGregor is decision to retire

    McGregor announced his retirement three times in four years

    Mayweather and McGregor are probably the two UFC gladiators who claim to retire the most in martial arts. However, recently, even a person who has retired many times like Floyd Mayweather has also made a “mocking” statement in Conor McGregor. Mayweather and McGregor are officially retired or a trick Recently Ireland UFC boxers – Conor …

  • Connor McGregor again shocked the martial arts world by his decision.

    ‘Crazy Guy’ Mcgregor Retired Again

    Irish boxer, Connor McGregor, retired for the second time in more than a year, after having the last match in January 2020. ‘Crazy guy’ McGregor retired On the morning of June 7 (local time), Connor McGregor suddenly announced his retirement at the age of 31. “Hello everyone, I have decided to retire from my fighting …

  • Floyd Mayweather and the precious car estate

    Joshua signed a billion-dollar contract, Will it surpass Mayweather?

    Floyd Mayweather is said to be a boxer with a fortune of up to $1 billion, Anthony Joshua will surpass the name in the contract worth $1 billion? “Single-handedly” is in danger of being surpassed in terms of wealth – Will it surpass Mayweather? Floyd Mayweather was the first martial artist in history to become …

  • Holyfield (left) in the match against Mike Tyson.

    Holyfield Found A Backup Opponent In Place Of Mike Tyson

    In addition to Mike Tyson, former Holyfield world champion is also planning to fight with Lennox Lewis or Riddick Bowe. He found a backup opponent in place of Mike Tyson “People want me to fight Riddick Bowe, and of course Mike Tyson, maybe Lennox Lewis,” Evander Holyfield told The Times. “It’s all worth the wait. …

  • Bruno Canetti (center) has a record of 9 wins and 6 losses in his professional MMA career across North and South America.

    Bruno Canetti UFC boxers escape miraculously

    UFC star Bruno Canetti bravely resisted the bandits and was threatened with two hits when he was hospitalized in an emergency. Martial artist Bruno Canetti has been robbed of two bullets Bruno Canetti – the mixed martial arts star (MMA) who won UFC Combate America in a hospital in a suburb of Buenos Aires (Argentina) …

  • Despite being the youngest boxing champion, Mike Tyson is still not on the list

    Mike Tyson Missed The Top 10 Best Boxer Of All Time

    According to the BoxRec review, boxing legend Mike Tyson is not on the list of the 10 best boxers of all time. Meanwhile, Floyd Mayweather was first Mike Tyson missed the top 10 best boxers of all time Not losing any match in 21 years of professional play, Mayweather has always been rated as the …

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