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  • Stepanova and costume performance misleading early 2019

    Sports News 13/5: Angel skating “piercing” makes fans blush

    (Sports news) After being noisy by sensitive clothes, Russian female skater again received bad news. In the beginning of 2019, the world skated when witnessing a sexy performance by 24-year-old Alexandra Stepanova and her co-star Ivan Bukin on the ice. Through subtle soft movements, they narrated a romantic couple story that impressed the audience, but …

  • Tony Ferguson

    McGregor is opponents returning to the ring!

    UFC president confirmed that Conor McGregor wants to compete at the “Fight Island” event. If returning to the ring, Irish boxers will have many options to confront. 1. Jorge Masvidal Jorge Masvidal is the surest name at the moment. Instead of hoping to take revenge on Khabib, McGregor can win the BMF belt before Masvidal …

  • McGregor (right) wants to fight Gaethje

    Sports News 8/5: Australian Open 2021 is at risk of cancelation

    (Sports news) Australian Open CEO admits the risk of the tournament not taking place in 2021 due to the complicated evolution of Covid-19. The Australian Open 2021 may be canceled because of Covid-19 Craig Tiley – Australian Open CEO recently to the sports news unexpectedly admitted the risk of the tournament not taking place in …

  • Dana White confirmed not to postpone the UFC 249 event

    President Dana White revealed the UFC return date!

    The Presiden of UFC has just announced UFC return date, they will host 3 events in 7 days, including canceled matches at UFC 249. The events will take place on May 9, May 13 and May 16. Dana White confirmed not to postpone the UFC 249 event After leaving the possibility of finding a safe …

  • Murray & Djokovic

    Sports News 13/4: Djokovic challenges skills against Murray

    (Sports news) During the isolation of COVID-19, Djokovic performed incredible techniques and sent challenges to Andy Murray. Djokovic challenges Andy Murray to a great challenge. Lastest of Sports news, during the isolation of the COVID-19 epidemic, Serbian tennis players practiced at home and sought new inspiration. Recently, Djokovic suddenly performed a great technique to hit …

  • Floyd Mayweather will return to boxing

    Sports News 11/4: Floyd Mayweather officially returned to boxing

    (Sports news) Retired athlete Floyd Mayweather has just announced he will return to boxing in the near future. Floyd Mayweather is determined to pass the job to the next generation Latest on the Sports news, the retired boxer Floyd Mayweather has announced he will become a professional trainer. The boxer who entered the history of …

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