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  • Sports news 74 The oldest golf tournament officially canceled

    Sports news 7/4: The oldest golf tournament officially canceled

    (Sports news) The old Open Championship golf tournament has been officially canceled due to the catastrophic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Open Championship 2020 golf tournament was officially canceled Latest in the sports news, the Open Championship, the oldest of the four major golf courses, has been officially announced to be canceled due to …

  • Boxing News: Canelo reached an agreement to fight Golovkin

    Boxing News: Canelo reached an agreement to fight Golovkin

    Boxing News: The two most famous middleweight boxers, Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin will compete a third time, by the end of 2020. Boxing is also under Corona Virus (Covid-10) control The official boxing time of the match has not been fixed by the influence of Covid-19, but it will take place after Canelo Alvarez …

  • Play Golf

    How to play golf safely during the Covid-19 pandemic?

    If they are careful to protect themselves and follow the instructions, the golf players can still carry the club and play golf safely. Playing Golf in the fatal Covid widespread epidemic? “Golf is an outdoor game, in an open space, so there is less risk of infection,” explains Dr. Kelly Cawcutt at the University of …

  • New Kuta Golf

    Bali New Kuta Golf Club

    Crowned the title recorded by Best New International Course by Links Magazine immediately after initiating in 2007, New Kuta Golf Club’s reputation has spread in large-scale. Right after that, New Kuta Club toughed the recent hosting of the Indonesian Open cemented which brought its acclamation to the status as the latest in a long line …

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