Oman vs Vietnam Prediction | WC 2022 Qualif. AFC | 10/12

Oman vs Vietnam prediction: After an unfortunate 2-3 defeat to China, Vietnam was officially dropped to the bottom of the table in the group stage of the WC 2022 qualifiers. Here they will continue to face a great challenge when they have to face the team that is much appreciated is Oman. After 90 minutes of rolling the ball, coach Park Hang Seo’s team can do a miracle?

Oman vs Vietnam Prediction


  • Match date: 04:00 p.m – 2021/10/12
  • Event: World Cup 2022 Qualif. AFC
  • Stage: Matchday 4th
  • Location: Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex



As a team that has the home field advantage and is said to be the strongest team at the moment, Oman is being evaluated as the top team.

Oman’s performance in the last 5 matches: L W L W W

If counted in the last 5 matches, the Oman team at this time is not really in high form. The proof is that coach Branko Ivanković’s team, despite having 3 victories, also received 2 defeats. In the last outing, also in the framework of the WC 2022 qualifiers, Oman received a 1-3 defeat against the Australian team. This is also their 2nd consecutive defeat in this arena.

According to statistics, after 14 times of opening the bet, players who put their trust in the Oman team only had 3 times to have the joy of winning. Meanwhile, they also had 8 losses and 3 draws. It can be said that Oman is a name that does not really bring much luck to players this season.

Oman vs Vietnam Prediction

Vietnam’s performance in the last 5 matches: L L L L W

The Vietnamese team is still having a rough start in the third round of WC 2022. After a 2-3 defeat against China, the Gold Star warriors received 3 consecutive defeats in the group stage. Even before this team had an impressive performance. It can be said that the serious shortages of the force somewhat “killed” their performance.

However, the name Vietnam still brings a lot of luck to those who believe and bet on this team. In the last 18 times, players who put their trust in the teacher and coach Park Hang Seo have won 12 times and only lost 3 times.

Select: Oman FT.


The upcoming confrontation will be the first time that Oman and Vietnam will face each other in the international arena. Although underrated than Oman, Vietnam’s performance with the West Asian teams is still very good. However, with the squad that cannot be considered the strongest at the moment, Coach Park Hang Seo’s team still needs to prepare carefully, if they want to get points in this match.

Select: Oman FT.


Oman’s recent matches are not having too many goals scored. Specifically, in the last 6 matches of this opponent, there was only 1 match with more than 2.5 goals scored. However, it was also a match that had just ended against Australia, when Oman received a 1-3 defeat.

Oman vs Vietnam Prediction

On the other side of the field, the matches of the Vietnamese team are showing a high goal efficiency when there are ⅚ matches with over 2.5 goals. With the important nature of the upcoming match, it is very likely that the two teams will score over 2.5 goals.

Select: Over 2.25 FT.

Oman vs Vietnam Prediction: Oman 2-1 Vietnam FT (1-0 H1).


Oman: Al Khamisi, Al Musalami, Al Rushaidi, Gheilani, Al Busaidi, Harib Al Saadi, Fawaz, Al Yahyaei, Al Alwi, Al Aghbari, Al Hajri.

Vietnam: Ngoc Hai, Hoang Duc, Tan Truong, Tan Tai, Tien Dung, Van Thanh, Duy Manh, Quang Hai, Cong Phuong, Tuan Anh, Tien Linh.

Above is the information about the prediction between Oman vs Vietnam in the 4th match of World Cup 2022 Qualif. AFC on 2021/10/12 of the CMD368 bookie.