MU is willing to pay Odion Ighalo to China because of money problems

In the transfer season, Odion Ighalo is likely to be unable to fulfill his long-term dream of sticking to Old Trafford due to disagreements between MU and Shanghai Shenhua.

MU difficult to keep “assassin” from China

Odion Ighalo is playing for Manchester United on a loan deal from Shanghai Shenhua until June 30. However, according to British media, the Nigerian striker will not be able to wear the “Red Devil” again because of money problems.

Odion Ighalo had an impressive performance in MU's shirt color
Odion Ighalo had an impressive performance in MU’s shirt color

According to Sky Sports, Shanghai Shenghua is waiting for striker Odion Ighalo to return to the club after the end of his loan contract with MU, in order to prepare for the Chinese Super League season, scheduled to begin in July. BBC also revealed added, “Reds” are looking to extend the Ighalo loan contract (current contract expires June 30) until the last day of this season, although the exact time has not been determined.

Before coming to MU, Odion Ighalo was playing football at the Chinese championship for Shanghai Shenhua Club. According to Sky Sport, MU viewed Ighalo as a temporary solution when their main striker Marcus Rashford got injured.

This player had experience playing in the Premier League for Watford Club. He scored 17 goals in 55 matches in the Premier League, before moving to China to play in 2017.

If MU wants to have the service of Ighalo, they only have to pay 20 million pounds transfer fee. However, the Old Trafford club does not accept this offer. “Red -Devil”, thinks the price of 20 million pounds is too high for a 31-year-old striker.

Shenhua Odion Ighalo jack up the price

Ighalo and the coach of Manchester United
Ighalo and the coach of Manchester United

On May 31, MU will expire to borrow Ighalo from Shanghai Shenhua. According to the Daily Mail, the Chinese team will only allow Odion Ighalo to stay at Old Trafford in case the Red Devi buy the striker.

Shanghai Shenhua will not agree to extend Odion Ighalo’s loan term, as the Chinese league is scheduled to begin in July. Meanwhile, the Premier League is due to arrive in June, and the MU may re-export in the Europa League by August. 

Shanghai Shenhua does not need Odion Ighalo too much, but they do not want to lend the Nigerian striker to kick the rest of the season. Instead, the Chinese team wants a sell-off of no less than £20 million. This is the price that makes MU difficult to accept when Odion Ighalo is only valued at £15 million when transferred from China in the winter transfer period.

The Red Devi has also cost £ 3 million to borrow Odion Ighalo from Shanghai Shenhua. In addition, the Red Devi brought back former striker Watford is due to Marcus Rashford unexpectedly suffered a long-term back injury but now the British star has recovered.

As for Odion Ighalo, this striker was originally a Red Devi fan and considered wearing MU as a dream come true. The Nigerian striker wants to complete the 2019/2020 season with the Old Trafford team.

The 30-year-old goalscorer asserted that he had trained extremely hard to keep up his form during the break from Covid-19. Even, Ighalo is willing to reduce wages to be signed by MU officially.