Odion Ighalo Revealed His Favorite Player At Man United

Striker Odion Ighalo revealed that Dwight Yorke and Andy Cole are two idols and have a profound influence on the player’s development journey.

Odion Ighalo revealed his favorite player at Man United

“I admired Nigerian players, Nwankwo Kanu and Jay-Jay Okocha. When I started watching Man United, Andy Cole and Dwight Yorke were my idols. It was so proud to play at MU, where the two gods are. I used to play my idol, “Odion Ighalo revealed in an interview on the Manchester United homepage.

“With me, Yorke and Cole are great strikers and scored lots of goals. So I watched the way they moved, played the ball, made space and went behind the defenders to catch crosses. learn everything from them, it helps a lot for my career, “added the Nigerian.

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The close pair of Cole (right) - Yorke (left) are idols from the childhood of Ighalo
The close pair of Cole (right) – Yorke (left) are idols from the childhood of Ighalo

In the winter transfer window last, Odion Ighalo joined MU from Shanghai Shenhua with a loan contract until the end of the season. The Nigerian striker is not expected much, but he is making all surprises with 4 goals after 8 appearances for “Reds” this season.

Speaking about the inspiration at Old Trafford, Odion Ighalo could not hide his excitement: “From the outside, you do not know how big this team is. I was inspired by the way the team organized, oriented, operated. , from the way young players develop themselves to the way they step up to the first team from the first gifted class. I was inspired a lot at MU and hope to be able to continue to stick with the team. “

The Nigerian shared his determination that he was a warrior, not giving up and always fighting for what he could achieve. No matter what the outcome, he would fight with 100% strength.

The loan agreement between Odion Ighalo and MU is valid until the end of the 2019/20 season. However, in the context of the Premier League being suspended indefinitely because of the epidemic, many people worry that Ighalo may have to end the season early with MU to return to China.

However, in the latest move, coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer said he was ready to buy the player off. MU can spend about 15 million pounds.

Recipes like Ibrahimovic help Odion Ighalo shine

The Nigerian striker surprised when he integrated quickly and is playing impressively at MU. He did that thanks to the taekwondo fingers of Ibrahimovic style.

From a player who was highly skeptical, after 8 games in the MU shirt, Odion Ighalo scored 4 goals and had 1 assist. He has surpassed Henrik Larsson’s record, another impressive loan deal in the history of the “Red Devils”. An average of 80 minutes Ighalo fired once, this is the performance that many leading European strikers have to dream.

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Ighalo shows impressive performance thanks to the secret of training.
Ighalo shows impressive performance thanks to the secret of training.

What advantage?

The time of outbreak is not yet booming in Europe and England, Odion Ighalo is the first football player to be quarantined. To be safe, in the first 2 weeks in England, Ighalo did not set foot in the Carrington training center.

He was also removed from the training list in Marbella (Spain) with the United players. However, the 30-year-old striker found advantages in the disadvantages. 2 weeks of isolation helps him plan a rigorous and standard training plan.

Odion Ighalo contacted the UK taekwondo team to train with him. He spends most of his time in isolation at the taekwondo athlete training center preparing for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Along with renowned fitness expert Wayne Richardson, Ighalo pushed my endurance to the limit.

From the moment Ighalo walked past the door of the gym, Richardson knew he was a different person. He saw many players who are determined to practice, but Ighalo is a different case. He knows exactly what he needs to do and what he needs to improve.

Richardson recounted that even MU’s fitness coaches were surprised by Ighalo’s good indicators. “Without those two weeks, I think he will not be able to achieve physical state and ready to integrate so quickly,” the former Man City manager said.

Two weeks of hard work at the Taekwondo training center in Manchester helped Ighalo a lot
Two weeks of hard work at the Taekwondo training center in Manchester helped Ighalo a lot

Recipes from taekwondo

When the winter transfer period of 2020 is about to end, coach Solskjaer has admitted that MU lacks a striker who knows how to “smash his nose or stamp his opponent to score”. MU then lacked a real striker.

For years, names like Romelu Lukaku or Marcus Rashford could not fulfill that role, although they were expected to be great. That’s why Ighalo came.

The specific exercises of taekwondo are used by Odion Ighalo. The typical rotation of the traditional Korean martial art is applied by Ighalo to fight against the oppression and robbery of the enemy defender.

This makes many people think of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, one of the best football players in the world for many years. What makes an Ibra with the skills that make the center-back terrified? In addition to being a star player, the Swedish striker is also a martial arts master when he owns a taekwondo black belt at the age of 17.

Taekwondo is a martial art that focuses on kicks full of strength and speed. When players apply these martial arts exercises to the ball, it helps them get the dexterity and flexibility in handling the ball with their feet at both high and low levels.

The toughness of the taekwondo practice for many years allows Ibrahimovic to easily twist or twist away from the opponent’s grip. Odion Ighalo is showing results from that method.

Ighalo applied the Taekwondo martial arts skills to the role of a striker.
Ighalo applied the Taekwondo martial arts skills to the role of a striker.

The Nigerian striker’s training efforts have worked. In subsequent matches for MU in the Premier League or the Europa League, Ighalo always supported the ball like glue sticking to the foot of the goal kick of David de Gea or his teammates. Ighalo’s movement of making walls, shading and taking steps is something that MU has lacked for many years.

Of course, Odion Ighalo‘s determination and professionalism are still a prerequisite for every player’s success. To regain fitness and catch up with the English football environment after playing in China, the former Watford striker has been practicing since signing with MU.

The last time he played football in the Premier League was 3 years ago, so he needs to regain his fitness and style. Even in individual training, he wants to practice more.

Odion Ighalo is a rather hasty contract of MU in the last hours of the last winter transfer period. However, the 30-year-old striker is showing he deserves the Old Trafford team to sign a longer-term contract for the rest of the season.

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