Odion Ighalo dismissed the opportunity to earn nearly as much as Mbappe

Striker Odion Ighalo may enjoy a salary almost equal to Kylian Mbappe, but he has temporarily put aside the work to continue with Manchester United.

Odion Ighalo will continue to stand by MU in the next tournaments

Striker Odion Ighalo has officially reached an agreement with Shanghai Shenhua Club about signing a new contract to stay, but in the immediate future, Odion Ighalo will continue to stick with MU. The fact that the Chinese league banned foreign players from playing until October also meant that Odion Ighalo could not return to China immediately, so Manchester United decided to extend his loan agreement until the end of the year.

Odion Ighalo will stay with MU until early 2021
Odion Ighalo will stay with MU until early 2021

The only remaining thing is that Manchester United is just waiting for the Premier League organizers to approve Ighalo’s registration to play in the rest of the unfinished 2019/20 season. The season has been postponed since mid-March because of Covid-19 and is expected to return in mid-June, MU is in the top 4 competition with Chelsea and they are still playing in the Europa League.

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Reject the terrible income because of love with MU

It is worth saying that the stay in Manchester United will make Odion Ighalo temporarily not receive a huge salary in Shanghai Shenhua. He is expected to receive £400,000 a week from the club, meaning Odion Ighalo will receive 20.8 million pounds a year. But he had to wait until early 2021 to sign that contract.

Ighalo may raise more than 5 million pounds a year in Shanghai Shenhua, but he decided not to sign a new contract now.
Ighalo may raise more than 5 million pounds a year in Shanghai Shenhua, but he decided not to sign a new contract now.

Currently, his salary is at 300,000 pounds/week. Ighalo’s salary paid by Manchester United is £130,000 / week and the remaining £ 170,000 is paid by Shanghai Shenhua. MU pays Shanghai Shenhua 6 million pounds loan so the total cost is estimated at 10.5 million pounds.

According to France Football magazine, even with the new salary, Odion Ighalo will enjoy when he returns to China, he has not yet reached the top 10 highest-paid players in the world.

However, the amount of 20.8 million / year is still very large and will be larger than the current salary of goalkeeper David De Gea at Manchester United, 19.5 million / year. De Gea is currently the highest-paid player “Reds” while Paul Pogba ranked 2nd with £ 15.08 million / year and Anthony Martial earned £ 13 million / year.

Ighalo’s temporary postponement of the opportunity to earn an average of more than 5 million pounds of salary in China shows that he seems very eager to contribute more to Manchester United when he has stepped into the second half of his career. Ighalo’s form has been very impressive in the Europa League and Manchester United fans are expecting him to make a big impact in any match he plays.