ODD Ballklubb vs Tromso Prediction | Eliteserien | 06/24

ODD Ballklubb vs Tromso prediction: Being in not too different form and position on the table, the victory will be relatively difficult for both the home team or the away team to get.

ODD Ballklubb vs Tromso Prediction


  • Match date: 04:00 pm on 2021/06/24
  • Event: Eliteserien
  • Stage: Matchday 9th
  • Location: Lerkendal Stadion






Being in not too different form and position on the table, the victory will be relatively difficult for them to get. Currently, the host ODD is in 7th place on the table with 9 points after 7 rounds. Meanwhile, the away team Tromso is getting 8 points after 8 rounds and is in 11th place. Thus, with the home advantage, ODD currently has a slightly better win rate.

ODD Ballklubb vs Tromso Prediction

And according to experts, the fact that Tromso is playing too fiercely will definitely make today’s match with no less than 3 goals scored. Specifically, after only 8 rounds, the total number of goals and goals conceded by Tromso has reached 24 goals with 10 goals and 14 conceded times. Meanwhile, the number of the home team is only 16 goals 8 goals and 8 goals conceded. And it should be known that, in the last 6 confrontations of the two teams, there have also been 4 Over matches. Even, in the last 9 times the two teams met, there was only 1 match where the first half ended without any goals being scored. 

Select: Over FT.


With great advantage from their home field, it will not be difficult for ODD to win in this round. Because remember, in all 3 recent encounters with their opponents, ODD has won all 3 consecutive matches against Tromso.

Despite such a good performance, it is clear that there are many difficulties for ODD when their opponent is Tromso. Because it should be remembered that with the extremely annoying double play, the away team got 2 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss. Therefore, to get 3 points in this match, ODD will definitely need 90 full minutes. And in the first half, when faced with Tromso’s physical attack, the host ODD, even though they were expected to have a goal, would still not be able to establish the lead. Moreover, with Tromso’s very dangerous playstyle, ODD will still win but they can only win with minimal difference. 

Select: ODD Ballklubb FT.


Looking at the above parameters as well as the European odds, experts believe that the home team ODD will be the safest investment point. Because with their home-field advantage, ODD is completely confident to overcome difficulties to defeat the opponent.

Select: ODD Ballklubb FT.


With Tromso’s defiant play, experts all believe that this match will have no less than 3 goals scored. Because for the away team Tromso, they could trade 2 goals for just 1 goal – their goal difference clearly shows this. Thus, after 90 minutes of play today, ODD will face resistance from Tromso, but the victory is still the result that the home team won.

ODD Ballklubb vs Tromso prediction: ODD Ballklubb 3 – 1 Tromso FT (1-1 H1).

ODD Ballklubb vs Tromso Prediction


ODD Ballklubb: O. Bjortuft, S. Hagen, M. Kaasa, J. Kitolano, V. Hoff, F. Jorgensen, T. Lauritsen, B. Risa, S. Rossbach, E. Rashani, E. Ruud.

Tromso: Karlstrom, Antonsen, Nilsen, Kitolano, Jenssen, Amundsen, Jenssen, Totland, Ebiye, Berntsen, N’Mikkelsen.

Above is information about the ODD Ballklubb vs Tromso prediction – the match in the 9th round of Eliteserien taking place on 2021/06/24 of the leading Asian bookie CMD368.