Norrkoping vs Ostersunds prediction on September 11th, 2020

Norrkoping vs Ostersunds Prediction – Norrkoping vs Ostersunds is a confrontation that will take place at 00:00 on September 11, 2020. This is the match of round 19 of the Swedish National Championship. The match will bring different surprises because the performance of each team is showing extremely different.

Will the outcome of this match between Norrkoping vs Ostersunds be like? Invite you to come to the judgment of the world of Norrkoping vs Ostersunds prediction football right in the following article.

Norrkoping vs Ostersunds prediction
Norrkoping vs Ostersunds prediction


  • Norrkoping: Ísak Bergmann Jóhannesson, Christopher Telo, Linus Wahlqvist, Filip Dagerstal, Rasmus Steensbæk Lauritsen, Simon Thern, Eric Smith, Isak Pettersson, Christoffer Nyman, Sead Haksabanovic, Pontus Almqvist.
  • Ostersunds: Nebiyou Perry, Eirik Haugan, Ronald Mukiibi, Thomas Isherwood, Kalpi Ouattara, Charlie Colkett, Ludvig Fritzson, Aly Keita, Blair Turgott, Felix Horberg, Francis Jno-Baptiste.


Thinking that a 1-3 victory at away from Goteborg would help Norrkoping regain their confidence and inherent performance, but they continued to show their instability with 2 defeats against HK Hacken and Orebro soon after. This made the army of coach Jens Gustafsson knocked out of the top 3 strongest teams of the tournament.

With only 1 win in the last 8 rounds, it is completely worthy for the Idrottspark team to drop to 5th place with 28 points after 18 matches. They will continue to clash with a high-performing opponent, Ostersunds, in the next round, difficulties are definitely waiting for Norrkoping.

On the other side of the front line, the victory over the bottom team Falkenbergs was the fourth consecutive victory that Ostersunds has, the recent performance of the team led by coach Amir Azrafshan also shows stability when Only get exactly 1 defeat in the last 10 rounds. Thereby, they are temporarily holding 9th place with 24 points after 18 rounds.

Ostersunds is the team that holds more advantages in this match
Ostersunds is the team that holds more advantages in this match


Despite its erratic performance, but with home advantage, Norrkoping is still much more appreciated than their opponents, which is reflected in the goals they are holding. However, stability is the difference of Ostersunds at the moment, so they will be the choice to bring higher safety as well as trust from the fans.

If only taking into account the last 10 encounters between the 2 teams, Ostersunds did not appear to be inferior to their opponents, they won 4 wins, 5 defeats and 1 point division. The performance in the last few rounds also helps the players of coach Amir Azrafshan to completely improve their head-to-head achievements.

Once again, the away team is highly appreciated in this match, the reason also comes from the fact that it has appeared in the last 4 matches between the two teams. Not to mention, Norrkoping’s defence is really a critical weakness for them when they conceded 11 goals in just 5 matches, but the attack still somewhat removed antlers with 9 shots.

Our final score Norrkoping vs Ostersunds prediction is 2 – 3