No More “£ 1B Club” Because Of The Epidemic: MU – Barca Fell Free

The epidemic could cause a dramatic drop in the value of the club’s (like MU – Barca ,…) squad after only 3 months, and the players could not avoid it.

No more “£ 1B club” because of the epidemic: MU – Barca fell free

MU – Barca . The European Center for International Centre for Sports Studies (CIES) has just released the 289th weekly magazine on the topic of team pricing during the pandemic era and produced a shocking statistic. Based on the special algorithm and CIES player valuation data, the total value of the squad of the top 5 European leagues will fall by 28% from £ 29 billion to £ 20.7 billion, which is about 8 billion pounds. tables only after 3 months (from March 11 to June 30).

MU - Barca Fell Free
MU – Barca

Declining player values ​​are considered in many respects such as age, the validity of the contract, current career and current performance. For example, Paul Pogba, who has played less this season and has just two years left on his contract, will lose his value from £ 62.5 million to half, £ 31.25 million.

With the criteria to set the club roster by the sum of the 20 highest-valued players, CIES makes a prediction price table as of June 30. Accordingly, Man City is the team that will “lose value” most heavily with 366 million pounds (from over 1.2 billion pounds to more than 900 million pounds).

The reason is that “The Citizens” has many older players and is out of contract next summer. The team ranked second in the statistics table is Barca when falling 326 million pounds compared to the time of 11/3 – the day European football officially stopped because of the pandemic.

The table of statistics of the "most devalued" teams in the pandemic era (unit: million euros)
The table of statistics of the “most devalued” teams in the pandemic era (unit: million euros)

The next position belongs to Liverpool (314 million pounds), Real Madrid (311 million pounds), PSG (268 million pounds) and MU (260 million pounds). Thus, according to this calculation, until June 30 European football will be clean “billion-team”. Previously, according to a CIES study, there are currently 6 teams with a squad value exceeding £ 1 billion.

All teams have reduced their squad pricing, so the top 6 positions have not changed much. The only difference from the rankings on 11/3 is that Chelsea took the 4th place from Real Madrid. “White Vultures” lost up to 31.8% of the squad value while Chelsea’s figure is only 24.9%.

This is only a theoretical calculation of the CIES assuming that no match in the top 5 leagues in Europe took place before June 30 and no players signed a new contract during this period. Therefore, the error may be very large, but this is also a valuable reference for fans to have a better view of the influence of the pandemic on world football.

Serie A risk of cancellation: Ronaldo – Juventus are anxiously awaiting the verdict

Postponed decision making

According to the official announcement from the Italian Football Federation (AIC), the meeting scheduled for March 30 (local time) has been delayed one day. The reason is that AIC wants all Italian football members to attend this meeting.

Ronaldo and his teammates still do not know the future of Serie A 2019/20
Ronaldo and his teammates still do not know the future of Serie A 2019/20

The announcement stated that with all the leagues from Serie A to amateur, it was hoped that all would be completed even after passing the June 30 regulatory milestone. Conditions to bring football back must be approved by the Ministry of Health and closely monitored.

In the unfortunate case, the season must end soon, everyone must agree. This is why AIC wants the players to play in Italy to attend the meeting. In that case, a general agreement will be made.

Amateur clubs, women’s soccer leagues … need protection and thanks to sources outside football. A financial fund will be set up to address these issues. That will be one of the discussions. “

Serie A is at risk of cancellation

The epidemic in Italy is well beyond the expectations of many. The number of cases in the country has reached 97,689 and the number of deaths has nearly reached the 11,000 marks. The important thing is that the problem is getting worse.

President of the Italian professional player association, Damiano Tommasi
President of the Italian professional player association, Damiano Tommasi

Sports leagues in Italy have been banned and Serie A is no exception. In the last official announcement, the organizers have chosen May 3 as the day the tournament will start again. However, Italian Sports Minister Vicenzo Spadafora said the timeline was “unrealistic” for the current situation.

On March 30 (local time), the Serie A organizers held an online meeting to discuss the future of the 2019/20 season. According to the president of the Italian professional players’ association, Damiano Tommasi revealed to Corriere della Sera that the cancellation plan was also taken into account.

“Compared to last week’s meeting, more factors will be put on the scale after Minister Spadafora’s remarks. The plan to end the season will always be taken into account. However, if that were the case then. Many aspects will be considered.

We are ready to do everything we can, but first, we need to know if the season should continue or not? Community health is a top priority, even for professional athletes. I know many teams still want to practice but the top priority right now is health. Teams will be forced to change their habits. “
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